April 4, 2013




It’s finally feeling like Spring outside and I’m loving it. I find spring sun so uplifting and pretty, regardless of the temperature. I’ve been spending my first week of my Easter holiday revising, walking, working out and eating. I’m pretty sure the whole working out isn’t benefiting me because of the last thing. We’ve got so many things to eat right now as mum and I made chocolate cheesecake and rocky road because of the lack of chocolate we had during lent. I’m actually not that keen on it anymore.. I know, I must be ill!!


I really need to start making my outfits a bit more out there, they’re all so simple!! I absolutely adore these shorts from OASAP. I love oversized clothes and roll up shorts so these were perfect for me. They arrived unrolled which I liked as I could style them how I liked. I also love how they’re high waist, because as you already know, I hate showing too much belly!! It’s nice being able to wear a cropped tee and not worry about too much flubber escaping! Can I also just point out… flicked eyeliner guys!! I can (finally) almost do it! It’s taken me a long time but I’m nearly there. Soon I’ll be a complete eyeliner pro!