March 2, 2013

Supermarket Wishlist #1



Firstly.. How awesome does my blog look? The lovely Zoe at Sweet Electric offered to design my blog for free, and I am SO happy with the result! Isn’t it just gorgeous?! I am very, very grateful! I have also designed myself a new blog button which you can find on the sidebar to the right. I’m looking to maybe swap a few buttons with my followers so if you fancy swapping, leave a comment, email me or contact me with any of the links in my sidebar. I am happy to design a blog button to fit your sidebar! Now, onto my post..

The other day I had an idea to do a blog post on some Supermarket clothing, which I’ve never seen before. The main supermarkets in the UK are Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc. and I’m pretty sure these are the equivalent to Walmart in the US. Stores like these don’t exactly have the best clothes as they’re more well known for selling groceries, but they do actually sell some beautiful, on-trend items, for a fraction of the clothing store prices! My favourite pieces in this wishlist is the bomber jacket and clutch. I love bomber jackets at the moment and definitely think they’re a big trend this spring/, along with this boucle print! Secondly. this clutch is so pretty and elegant, I love the cut-out detail and think it makes it a little bit more exciting than just a plain black clutch. All in all, I think there is some pretty good buys in Supermarkets, don’t you?