March 16, 2013

Quick life catchup and I ask for a favour

First, I ask for a big favour from you guys. As you guys know on Monday I entered China Doll Boutiques competition and I’ve been shortlisted!! To win my whole outfit all I have to do is have the most likes on the Facebook photo. Please help me out and like my photo right HERE!! I really appreciate it!

I also thought I would take this post as an opportunity to update you guys with what’s happening in my life right now, as I feel that’s an important part of blogging! Most of you know my lack of posts at the moment is because of my great amount of schoolwork and revision I’ve been doing. My GCSE’s are fast approaching and it’s mad to think in just over 2 months I will be leaving school for good. This week has been particularly stressful having a French speaking exam to memorize, a piece of geography coursework that has a very tight deadline and a history piece too. I even went into school today and I’ve spent 7 hours on work! Although I am coping and I am determined to do well! I feel it’s appropriate to add a nice quote here..

Next week I am going away on a School Residential which should be fun. We do different activities and revise a bit too, but I’m just excited to relive my France school trip in Year 9 where we stayed up all night and ate sugary, awful food. Unfortunately chocolate and crisps wont be involved in any midnight snacks as I am still going strong with Lent, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 weeks without any!
Finally, I have one or two exciting blogging things planned, a lovely American blogger has been in contact and we’re talking about doing a beauty swap! I really feel like after my exams my blog is going to get so much better and open me up to even more fabulous opportunities.

Hope you guys are all doing well,