March 10, 2013

Instagram Update #2

Hey guys! I am super stressed at the moment, I’ve got to somehow get my Geography coursework done by the 22nd of this month with only 2 proper lessons left, I have history coursework to do, some peer mentoring award written work, my French speaking exam to learn AND any homework which I get thrown at with too! So much stress! On the up side, on Thursday I got my exam results back where I got an A in History and a C in French, so I’m super happy that I can take the higher paper for French and have one less History exam to take in summer! I also went to see Lawson yesterday who were AMAZING! Although I am never queuing from 11:30 in the morning again, I was frozen!! Surely it’s about time we got some sun and Spring-like weather?! Anyway, here’s my instagram update..

Ryan from Lawson / Candlelit dinner with Mummy / OOTN / Hand warmers are a god sent for Netball Matches / New Office City Bag (which I have to keep until September:( ) / One year since I met The Wanted / Love a good cuppa / Being ill and watching THG / My baby boy / Love Pinkberry / Curly hair / Wreck This Journal / Stir fry pro / Parcels make me happy / Love S&G / Primark you beauty