March 8, 2013

In Love With Fashion



Recently e-tailpr teamed up with In Love With Fashion to run a competition to win £200 in the store! Being myself, I can’t resist a good competition, especially when a clothes voucher is involved! We were asked to make a wishlist and I never expected to struggle so much! In Love With Fashion has some amazing items which are perfect for Summer, they’re very up to date with the latest trends and I’m very impressed!


I never expected to pick so many lace pieces in this, I just have a bit of an obsession I guess?! I have to say, my favourite item of all nine has to be the draped back dress, it’s so simple but can be super sexy too. I also love the floral bomber. I’m currently on the hunt for a bomber for spring which can be put on for a bit of a cover-up and for warmth purposes, and with the spring/summer floral trend, this one is perfect. I can imagine it with a pretty plain outfit to bring a bit of excitement! Finally, the playsuit in number eight is so simple but I’ve seen a lot of people rocking these recently, pairing it with a belt to bring it in at the waist, it just looks so sophisticated!


If you fancy entering this competition you can do so here.