February 8, 2013


As you may already know, I love all tea tree products. Tea Tree oil does wonders for my skin and works instantly on any spots! Before Christmas The Body Shop had an offer online which resulted in a probably bit too excessive haul! I bought some face masks, some make-up and a few other bits for presents. I always get awful blackheads on my nose and pores on my cheeks which I can’t stand. I always used to simply use a facemask to help bring out the dirt until I found this. It does exactly what it claims to – unclogs pores and makes my skin a lot clearer! I normally use it in the shower – when I have wet skin and occasionally in the morning.  It feels great when I put it on, I love that it has crushed apricot stones in because I find this works wonders with the blackheads. I literally don’t have bad word for it! And of course, The Body Shop don’t test on animals which makes it even better. You can buy it online HERE for just £6.50!


I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has oily skin and struggles with blackheads! See my other skincare posts here.