February 22, 2013


Recently I took a trip to London mainly to go to a small gig, but how can you go to London without shopping? The answer is you can’t. I have to be honest, although I adore London shops, I cannot stand the massive amount of people. I can barely handle going to my local town on a Saturday because of the crowds, let alone the Capital city!! However, before I had a melt down I did manage to make very few purchases.

Jeans – Bershka | Necklace – £8  Wash Bag – £7 Make-up Bag £5 – All Forever 21

I didn’t do too bad ‘ey?! The Jeans I bought in the very first shop I went in. I’ve been looking for a lighter pair and they were a right bargain at just £17.99. They’re a thin but not too thin material and they’re a size 8.. yes I actually fitted into a size 8 pair of jeans, it certainly made me feel good. I love the colour of the necklace, and the pendant stone is really pretty and with mum asking if I wanted it, I knew I had to get it. I know the wash bag and make-up bag aren’t too exciting but I really needed a bigger make-up bag, and the wash bag will come in use at some point. I definitely have a bit of a thing for this turquoise shade of blue too.