February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines day! Clearly all of my Valentine cards and gifts have been lost in the post.. HA!

I always love shopping online but the price for having to return items always put me off, especially if you don’t actually keep anything, you end up spending money on nothing! So when I saw boohoo had free returns along with free delivery I knew I had to sneak in a little order.. I also got 10% off!

First is a little moan.. Along with the items below, I also bought a bag, midi dress and flatforms. The bag was fine, the other two items I was really disappointed in. The midi dress, I could barely get on, and actually had to get some help off my mum (who found this highly amusing). It was difficult to get over my shoulders, and then over my breasticles. I by no means have broad shoulders nor the biggest boobs (I wish I did though!) and although I could have got a size 10, most of my tops and dresses are an 8. I honestly have no idea how even a size 6 would fit in it. Secondly, the flatforms were revolting. They were very small and far too wide. They looked nothing like the picture online which originally made me think they were perfect. Not happy Boohoo!!

Moaning over, lets get onto what I kept..

Jumper – £17.95 | Boots – £30 | Chain – £8 | Headband – £5

I probably didn’t need this jumper, but all of my knits are either cable knit or have some kind of detailing on so I decided I wanted a nice, plain, slouchy thing I can chuck on. The price is good but I’m not too sure on the material. It really doesn’t feel that nice, and I’m unsure of the material. I’m just hoping this will go after a wash.

I loooove this headband. It certainly satisfied my studs and spikes obsession. I’m pretty sure something just like it was in Primark a while ago but I missed out. The chain is something I’ve been looking for, I’ve seen a lot of people pair one with a nice collar and I figured I could do the same with the jumper I bought and a cute collared blouse. It’s not too thick or too long so hopefully I won’t look like a wannabe gangster.

I saved the best till last. I cannot explain my excitement over these beauties. I’ve seen these everywhere online but haven’t bought them due to the whole paying for returns thing. Luckily for me, they fitted. I love the heel, they’re easy to dress up and down and go with pretty much every outfit. Although I need a lot more practice in walking in them, they are certainly going to be one of my favourite purchases this year.