January 25, 2013


I’m sure you’re all aware that the Spring/Summer Primark range was recently released, because of this I decided to do a little post about it! Looking at all these clothes has made me super excited for the sun and warmth to return!! I’ve been impressed with this years Primark clothing, especially the Jumpers so I hope this range will live up to those expectations! Below are a few of my favourite picks:

1 – This is gorgeous, probably my favourite item of everything I saw. I can totally see myself wearing it in Summer, it’s such a soft pretty colour, I just hope it comes to my local store!!

2 – I love satchels, although I already have one which I stole from my brother I still thought this was great, although Primark bags do break very quickly, but I suppose that’s what you pay for!

3 – The tassel bit on these shorts is awful, thankfully it’s just a clip on! I love the colours of these shorts and the studded detail.

4 – Maxi skirts all the way! This would be perfect on a Summer night out, and they’re always such lifesavers when I’m too lazy to shave my legs, don’t pretend you don’t do it too!!

5 – As soon as I saw this I knew it would go perfect with a belt, some cute dolly shoes and a little cardi. It’s a really simple dress which is just dying to live in my wardrobe!

6 – I really like the detail on the neckline of this blouse and this chiffon-like material is really good for the sun, I just hope it’s not too shear because I hate tops that you have to wear another top underneath to hide your bra!!

7 – I’ve decided I need more blouses with collars so this was perfect. It’s really adorable and I love the bow pattern!

What do you think of the new Range? You can browse at them here and here!

P.S. I want to know what YOU’D like to see on my blog, what posts would you like? Reviews, OOTD’s, wishlists or something different? Make some requests and let me know!Xx