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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Finally, the last outfit from my holiday to share with you! Does anyone else really struggle with naming their blog posts when they're outfit posts? I never know what to call them so here is a totally un-imaginative named post for you..

Playsuit & bag - Primark// Sandals - New Look

I'm back in Ipswich this weekend which is really lovely. Nothing will ever beat being at home. I got back yesterday to find my blogosphere magazines which I finally subscribed to - who knows why it took me so long, along with a little surprise bit of blogger mail! It's the first time I've been sent something without expecting it which was a very nice surprise - I could totally get used to it. Last night I went to the theatre with mum, we love having our girly nights out together and I hope we're still doing it when I'm 30.

This little playsuit was from Primark a few years back and it's stayed in my wardrobe since - it's such an easy piece that I don't think I'll ever get bored of! I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to my holiday outfits - I am totally missing the sunshine, but it's time to get my knitwear on. Expect some cosy, more appropriate outfit posts soon!

Lucy x


  1. That play suit is so cute! I love the print of it.

  2. You look so tanned here and I looove your make up! The copper/orangey tones are perfect. Gorgeous playsuit too - and yes, I really struggle to name blog posts in general but especially the ones where I'm just talking about the outfit! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  3. You look great! Yes, it's always nice to be home. Travelling is exciting but nothing can compare to the warm feeling of being home.


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