A Festival Inspired Outfit

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

 Todays holiday outfit is festival inspired. In fact, it is what I wore on one of the days of V Fest before it obviously rained and I swapped the shorts for something longer and chucked on a hoody and waterproof. I was beyond excited to wear all of the glitter for V, so bought a couple of new outfits but typically ended up covering the sparkles most of the weekend with a warmer layer!

Top - Pretty Little Thing // Shorts - Missguided // Belt - ASOS // Shoes- Converse

Photography is something Jamie has really got into recently, and the holiday was the perfect time to experiment. Jamie really does a great job with my blog photos - I'm pretty useless when it comes to cameras but I tell him what I want and everytime he pulls it off. A couple of times while we were away we caught the sunset and experimented with the light. As any photographer will probably say, shoot with the sun. The outcome was pretty cool - I'm not sure if it'll be easy to do in England but I'm certainly looking forward to having more fun and trying some different things with my blog content!

Lucy x


  1. The top is so cute! My fiance takes all my photos and I must say that he is improving, our last photography session was so good and I am really pleased with the result! x


  2. That outfit looks so perfect for a festival. I love that top, it's so cute.

  3. That top photo is SO cool. Looking gorgeous as always lady, amazing top! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  4. You look beautiful in everything you wear! Such a shame that it's a tiny bit to cold to wear outfits like these around here at the moment:( Hope you're having a great week girl xox

    maria (http://whatismaria.com)


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