An Autumnal lipstick I wont be using

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Every now and again I come across a product I'm not too fond of. Unfortunately, the Loreal Matte Lip Paint is one of them. Autumn has rolled around and out has come the dark reds and berrys in my make-up collection. I'm not big with bold lips, but a dark red tone is surprisingly something I'm relatively happy to wear. I have two in my lippy collection already - a lovely matte one from NYX, and another from Rimmel which has a little more sheen. When I travelled back to Ipswich the other week to visit a local pumpkin patch with Jamie for the perfect Halloweeny blog photoshoot, you can imagine my despair when I realised I'd not bought either of my darker lipsticks home with me. Of course, my blog and my instagram could not possibly have all these pumpkin patch photos without a dark lip, so off I popped to Tesco for a last minute hunt for one. The Matte Lip Paint is what I picked up.

A Pumpkin Patch OOTD

Friday, 27 October 2017

I'm getting all halloweenyy! I don't feel too big on Halloween this year, I don't have any major plans to go out and celebrate, but that didn't stop me and J from heading to our nearest pumpkin patch in attempt to get into the Spirit of things.

My favourite desk accessories

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

 Whether I'm at home or at uni, a lot of the time, I'm at my desk. I have endless essays to write (and an actual dissertation right now, help), as well as writing new blog posts every week. My desk is very important to me. It's my space of work, a clear mind and where all the positive and creative juices flow. A lot of people need to work somewhere other than their bedroom to be productive - to an office, a  coffee shop or a library for example, but if my desk is decked out in all the right bits and pieces, I'm perfectly fine just there. Today I thought I'd share with you just exactly what I need on my desk to make it work for me.

Letting it go

Saturday, 21 October 2017

This post is a little late. Since January I vowed to myself I would post at least twice a week for the whole year, and soon picked up the schedule of a new post every Tuesday and Friday. Of course, yesterday Friday rolled around and although I had some photos, I had no words. I wasn't really feeling it. I'd planned to write it up Thursday night, but I ended up having a bit of a shitty day and my head just wasn't in it.

Friction Free Shaving

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I spend a fortune on razors. Playing netball at uni means my legs are out 5 days a week, and unfortunately I can’t leave my leg hair to grow like a gorillas for extra warmth in the winter. Buying new razor heads has always been a grudge of mine, especially as my skin can be quite sensitive to cheaper kinds.

The Jumper of Dreams

Friday, 13 October 2017

I've found it. I've found the one. This is quite possibly the dreamiest jumper of all. Cosy, high neck, cute pastel colours and only £25. This student was very happy to part with that £25 for this beauty. I've been raring to get the jumpers out recently but it's been so mild out I've ended up sweating by lunchtime. Luckily we did have a few colder days the other week so this was the first thing I wanted snapped.

September Unibox

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Last month the lovely people at Unibox offered to send me their new September box, and of course I said yes. If you don’t know, Unibox are a monthly subscription box tailored for uni students. Each month they’ll deliver a little box of goodies designed for us stressed-out students to help us through the month! I’ve always been a lover of subscription boxes, and while most out there are beauty related, I love the mix of things you get in Uniboxes. Here’s a little rundown of what was in Septembers ‘back to uni’ box.

Another One

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Finally, the last outfit from my holiday to share with you! Does anyone else really struggle with naming their blog posts when they're outfit posts? I never know what to call them so here is a totally un-imaginative named post for you..

The Orange Dress

Thursday, 5 October 2017

 Editing these photos up are giving me real holiday blues. Walking along the beach at sunset was so beautiful, I wish we'd done it every night! Despite wishing I was back in Gran Canarian 30 degree heat, I am a little bit excited that the weather is getting a bit chillier now. I'm a Spring/Summer girl at heart, but boy do I love a snuggle under the duvet!

A Festival Inspired Outfit

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

 Todays holiday outfit is festival inspired. In fact, it is what I wore on one of the days of V Fest before it obviously rained and I swapped the shorts for something longer and chucked on a hoody and waterproof. I was beyond excited to wear all of the glitter for V, so bought a couple of new outfits but typically ended up covering the sparkles most of the weekend with a warmer layer!