Monthly Roundup: April

Sunday, 30 April 2017

April has got to be one of the quickest months so far this year for me. The end of March saw the end of my second semester at uni so lucky for me I've spent 4 weeks at home, my favourite place to be! I've been working quite a lot but I'm not going to be paid until May which is a pain but will be SO nice having a big wedge of dollar put in the bank ready for Summer! Other than that, I've been busy writing essays and spending time with Jamie, friends and family.

We had a big night out with all my school friends along with boyfriends while we were all back from uni which was super cute, but it's safe to say university hasn't taught me anything about drinking - I spent the next day in bed with a very sore head. Jamie and I have been all over the place taking lots of photos - he's bought a new camera which is so beautiful it's really made me want to get a new one. My DSLR is just so chunky to carry around me on a day to day basis, and that Olympus Pen is gorgeous.

Another amazing thing that happened this month was I saw Ed Sheeran, just last night! This post is scheduled so while I'm writing this I haven't actually seen him yet. I'm sure he was amazing regardless. Mum and I are heading to Birmingham on Friday for a bit of retail therapy and girly time beforehand - let's hope the shopping was a success!

May is looking to be an awesome month. I turn 20. Yep, 20. I become an adult. How scary!! I also have all my hand in dates for uni, along with a few uni events planned that may have alcohol involved, maybe I can finally learn how to drink properly...

Lucy x


  1. April went so fast, I think because I had two weeks off work it just flew by! It's my birthday in May too :-)

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. April really did fly by to be honest, and I can't believe we're already in May - I hope Ed Sheeran was good as well, I'm very jealous!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I was so pleased when I got my PEN, a DSLR is just so big to carry around


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