The yellow rainmac

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Rainmac & Jeans - Topshop // Scarf - Primark

This coat is one of my favourite things ever. I mentioned to mum before Christmas how much I loved the bright yellow rainmacs, she listened, and she delivered. It's one of those items I don't think I'd ever buy myself, but i don't know why because it's friggin beautiful!

Jamie took these snaps while we went on a dog walk over the winter break. The bright yellow looked so cool against all the dark reds and browns of winter. I'm still working out how to style this jacket - at the moment all I can think of is black and white colours and jeans, if you have any better suggestions, please let me know!

Lucy x


  1. Love the colour and lovely photos!x

  2. Ah! This really makes me want a rain mac, the yellow looks great on you!

    Charlotte x

  3. Such a beautiful colour! I really want one now! I'm also loving the scarf :)

    Lizzie xx

  4. I really want to purchase a yellow rain coat - they definitely brighten up a dull, rainy day! xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  5. I love this whole look, it's so stunning! A yellow rain coat is perfect for this year, brightens up the day!

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  6. You've successfully made a rain mac look cool! xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  7. So I really want a yellow rain mac and this one is cuuuute! What a great way to cheer yourself up on a dark, rainy day. :)

    T x

  8. Yasss I love this! Everything's so dreary at the moment, you need a lovely bright rain mac to make it better! �� x

  9. Yellow is a brave colour but it looks great on!


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