Super easy Cinnamon Swirls

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

On New Years Day, Jamie and I, being the greedy pigs we are, made the easiest cinnamon swirls in the world! They were so quick and easy, and so delicious I felt they were worthy of a spot on my blog!

These scrummy cinnamon swirls are from 'Jus Rol', and my mum picked them up on offer a few weeks ago for us to try. Making them really couldn't be easier, you simply undo the packet, cut the pastry into 4 and wack them in an oven for 15 minutes! After letting them cool, you add some icing by just mixing the powder with some water. Jamie and I decided we wanted a bit extra icing so added some more of our own, and these were the finished product! I know they're a bit of a cheat because there is literally no effort made in baking them yourself, but when they taste just as good and take half the time, why not?! Have you given these a try?

Lucy x


  1. Yummy this looks so good

  2. Ooh I have actually made these before! Although they definitely don't taste as nice without the sugar ontop ahaha xx

  3. Yummyyy cinnamon swirls are the best!!! I wish I had one to eat with my coffee!! x


  4. Love how quick and easy these are to do! Like you say, if they're there ready and waiting then why not? They look delish and I love that cute little plate too haha x

    Sick Chick Chic

  5. Wow, these cinnamon swirls are so easy to do! I'm definitely trying these!

    Marilyn x |


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