Comfort zone

Monday, 28 March 2016

Dress - ASOS // Heels - Office

I've been a truly awful blogger lately. I've been back at home for nearly 3 weeks now but just haven't had the drive to post. I've been busy writing essays, starting my revision for summer exams and spending time with my loved ones. I hate not being able to keep consistent with my blogging but I guess that's just the way I work at the moment! 

This is what I wore for a night out on campus when Jamie came up a month or two ago. It's definitely a bit more daring for me but I loved jumping out of my comfort zone and I'd love to do it a bit more often!

I'm back to uni on Friday for a fieldtrip to Devon, then have 3 more weeks of lectures before exam season officially starts. It's safe to say I'm super nervous! I can't believe my first year is almost over with! 


  1. Your dress is gorgeous, you can never beat a LBD

    Lauren x |

  2. You suit this little dress so much Lucy! The length is lovely on you too.. you pulled it off so well! xx

    Ciara Rose |

  3. What a stunning dress! A little black dress never fails to look great.
    Good luck with the essays and the revision! :) x Alona

  4. Nice little black dress !


  5. Lovely dress.. it suits you well! :)


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