Dealing with homesickness at university

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

All my life I knew I wanted to go to university, and after finally starting last September I can safely say I really underestimated how hard I was going to find it being away from home, despite only being a 40 minute train ride away. I cried a lot, I missed my family and boyfriend constantly and quite simply, I struggled! I'm now on my second semester at university and feeling a whole lot more positive about the next 3 years. I still get those days where I feel homesick, but I've slowly learnt how to deal with it. Here are my top tips!

  • Keep busy
This is my number one tip. When my parents first left me at uni, I wasn't sad because they'd left me with my whole room packed away in boxes than I needed to unpack, but as soon as I'd finished with nothing left to do, I started to feel a bit lonely. It's the same now! I'll tidy my room, go and do some shopping, or at last resort - do some work! Keeping your mind off things help.
  • Socialise - don't hide away in your room
This is something I definitely didn't get the hang of until this semester. If you have a communal kitchen or common room in your flat - go in there!! Last semester I'd sit and mope in my room, but being alone when you're lonely doesn't help!! 
  • Decorate your room to make it homely
Now this point was what I knew I wanted to do before even knowing where I was going to University! I'm a real photo girl, and I've covered my room in hundreds of happy moments that I know will make me smile, as well as positive quotes, artificial flowers and my favourite teddys. Having your room feel like home brings a lot of comfort.

  • Find a hobby - Join a sports team or society
I knew I wanted to join the Netball Squad when I started University, simply to stay fit, but I didn't expect it to have so many more positive impacts Having a hobby with a commitment to training gives you something to focus on but also gives you people to socialise with. If sport isn't your thing, maybe you could join a society, go for some walks or even start a blog! Anything that helps you breath a bit and let go of everything piling up inside will help.

  • Stop worrying
This is what I did the most last year. I worried about everything, everything that didn't need worrying about. Enjoy your time, make friends and make memories. There's no time for worries!


  1. Yes! I'm in my final year at University, and these points couldn't be more true! Always try & keep sociable, and I'd tidy my room too if I got lonely haha x

    1. Glad you agree! It's so soothing haha. xx

  2. I love this, I'm in my first year of Uni and I definitely agree with you. In my first semester I felt so down being away from my best friends and family but even just sitting in the common area helped with that x

    1. It's tough being in a new place, I think I struggled to realise it all takes time!xx

  3. Great tips! I lived at home during University (since I am already in the city). I found though that I would stay on campus a lot to study and socializing was a great way to boost confidence and get me out of my shell. Love these points!

  4. Socialising is a great tip! If I keep myself in my room I find myself getting more homesick than if I were out and distracted by friends!

  5. I didn't go to uni, but I can relate to these feelings from when I moved out from home! It is so hard at first, but gradually you get used to it, definitely agree about making your pace feel homely. xx

    Bethan Likes

  6. Honestly, I had the exact same experience as you. I started uni in September and honestly, first term was a bit of a crappy experience. I didn't handle being away from my boyfriend and family well at all! But, like you, second term has been a lot more calm, I think I've just learnt to deal with it.

    I totally agree with all of these tips - especially the keeping busy bit! But I also have to remind myself to take some time to chill as well, otherwise I get too stressed haha.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  7. Definitely think it's just important to stay busy and make your new place your home! It can be tough moving out but is definitely worth it!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  8. I'll be going to university next September so I'll keep your tips in my mind! funny thing I am going to study Geography! Do you enjoy what you learn as a geography student?
    Have a lovely weekend.


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