Life as as a student: one month to go

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Exactly one month today I'll be settling into my new home: the University of East Anglia. I'm attending UEA for 3 years to study Geography.

University is something I've always had my heart on. I love to learn and be in a learning environment, and the social aspects have always appealed to me just as much. They always say university will be the best years of your life. Despite it being a scary process, I know it's the right thing for me and this time in 3 years I'll be grateful to have done it, with hundreds of memories and new life experience learnt.

Thankfully UEA isn't far from my hometown, Ipswich. It's far enough away for me to feel independent but close enough for me to jump on a train when I need a mummy cuddle or a proper homemade meal. Nonetheless, it's still a very daunting thing for me. I'll be living on my own for the first time with complete independence, some of which I haven't yet gained! I'll be leaving my family, my friends and my boyfriend and made to make new ones. I'm excited to meet new people and start new adventures, building both my experiences and myself as a person.

Did you go to uni? Do you have any tips for me?


  1. Studying Geography sounds great! Hope you'll have a great time. I'm taking a gap year, but definitely want to go to uni. I've always wanted to go to uni in the UK but it's so expensive if you compare it to how much uni costs here in The Netherlands.

  2. I am exactly the same with distance - Exeter is one hour on the train from bristol than a further 1/2 hour to my house by car, so far enough away to feel "away" but was a blessing in disguise when I had health difficulties last year.

    i have a friend who goes to East Anglia and she loves it! Norwich is supposed to be lovely and the campus seems so lively too - so much to get involved in! Good luck and the most important thing for Freshers is to simply be yourself!

    Writing Possibility

  3. congratulations! i cant wait to attend university after my gap year!

  4. congratulations! Good luck with all the moving process, I'm sure you'll love your new life!! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  5. I'm so jealous that you're just starting out!
    I graduated last year and those 3 years were some of the best of my life!
    Good luck girl xx

  6. You are going to have the best time. Remember first year is time to have fun, because the grades don't count towards the degree - I'm not saying don't go to class and do you assignments - because do. You will gain respect from your lecturers who then will help you through 2nd and 3rd year. Just remember that by 3rd you will be swamped with work and have no time to drink those vodka red bulls in a cheesy club!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  7. Congratulations on getting in to uni! I bet you are so excited! I only graduated this year but I wish I had made more of my time there. Get involved with as many things as you can, join societies and just get stuck in! You will love it though, I am sure! I have also just helped launch a website called and we sell lots of cute homeware and stationery bits and pieces if you fancy a look for university. I was looking at your list in the picture ;) x

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  8. Congratulations on getting in! I'm basically in the same position as you in that I'll be near to home but still be living alone for the first time. I'm sure we'll both be fine, even though it's slightly terrifying haha.

    Bethany ( X

  9. congrats, and good luck! i loved studying geography at school! i'm hoping to start university next year and i'm already super nervous, the thought of going into a new environment to learn with new people is always a scary thought! x

  10. We have just discovered your blog and we love it! We're both starting our second year of uni in September, but still feel like freshers ahaha :) Good luck, hope you have a great time!

  11. I am going to study geography too!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Mathilde. x


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