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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chi Chi Harriet Dress* - ChiChi // Heels - Primark

I am so in love with this ChiChi dress, and I wish I had a prom to wear it to! Prom season recently began and I am sat on my facebook homepage stalking friends of friends photos purely to drool over gorgeous dresses! Being year 12, we don't have a prom at the end of the year, which sucks!At our school and sixth form the big prom is year 11, this is where you pull all the stocks out! Then there's a slightly more casual one at the end of year 13 which I'm super excited for. This dress is just so pretty, I love the lace detailing and sweetheart neckline (ooh look at that fancy dress term - someones been watching too much say yes to the dress on TLC!)

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  1. Haha your yes to the dress comment at the end made me giggle, I know exactly what you mean. What a beautiful dress! The colour really suits you, definitely worth keeping tucked away for your leaving party next year. I love ChiChi's clothes, all so pretty!

    X Emma |


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