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Friday, 20 June 2014

Cardigan - H&M // Top - Primark // Jeans & Shoes - Topshop // Bag* - LYDC

Where has the sunshine gone?! It was absolutely gorgeous last week, but the sun seems to have disappeared and left us with clouds, muggyness and that not-quite-hot-enough but not-quite-cold-enough weather! I've lived in my jeans for sixth form this week, I'm desperate to get my summer clothes on! I also received this bag last week, and it was just in time. I'm fed up of my backpack for school and was after a new bag which was an ideal size. My Zara office city bag, although beautiful, broke after only a few months and was also surprisingly unpractical! This bag from LYDC is literally the perfect size - there's enough space for some books, a folder, a lunch and a few other necessities! I am head over heels for it!

I also need some help from you technology geeks - how can I avoid losing the quality of my photos when cropping and stitching them together?!


  1. Beautiful top, I love the embellishments on the collar :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. That bag is gorgeous!! Such a pretty look xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. Wow that top is so lovely ! and as for the photo cropping business I'm not really sure of an exact method but for my blog I crop the pictures via pic monkey and the quality doesn't deteriorate so long as you save it as a png file .... hope that helps ! xx

  4. That's such a lovely bag, seems quite versatile too. I could easily purchase so many bags from LYDC.


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