Barry M Silk Review

Friday, 2 May 2014

And the obsessions continues.. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am well and truly obsessed with Barry M and their nail varnish range, I buy almost every single collections and don't be fooled, the silk collection was no different.

I got the whole collection apart from one colour - Truffle, which I felt I just didn't particularly like nore did I feel it would suit me. The shades I did get were Blossom - a gorgeous pastel pink, Heather - a light purple shade, Pearl - perfectly named as it is literally pearl colour, a shimmery white, Meadow - a pretty pastel light green, and finally Mist - a gorgeous sky blue shade. Each polish has a silk effect to them, which gives off a slight shimmer/shine.

The application of the polishes, as always with Barry M, are very easy, I prefer to use two coats whenever I paint my nails, although one will do fine for all, other than Pearl, which due to it's lighter colour, can come off a bit sheer at times. The lasting power is also similar to Barry M's other nail varnishes, with a top coat they can last a solid 5 days, give or take a few days depending on what you do! My favourite shade has to be Blossom as I haven't stopped wearing it since, it's the perfect girly shade. I feel the collection has Spring/Summer written all over it and was released at just the right time, and with each bottle retailing at £3.99 it's a win win situation!

  • cheap
  • perfect for spring/summer
  • good lasting power
  • sometimes requires a few coats


  1. these look so amazing! the pros definitely outweigh the cons

    ive recently done an outfit post, which i'd love for you to check out

  2. I adore Barry M, they are the definite king of nails among bloggers! These colours are so gorgeous, not quite pastel but equally as cute!

  3. Ooo all of these colours are amazing! Especially the light green, you may have persuaded me to buy it! Rebeka x

  4. I loooooove the blue colour! I may just have to go out and buy some for myself :)
    i've just set up my own blog and it'd be fab if you could check it out! x

  5. I really love Mist and the green one. Buy the way i featured your blog into mine, if you'd like, check it out here:


  6. these look so pretty!
    please take a look at my blog:)

  7. Love wearing greens and blues on my nails!

  8. these look so cute!
    love a good nail polish!
    great blog.


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