Mini Birthday Haul

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Last Friday (23rd) was my 17th Birthday and I got a few bits which I thought I'd share with you all. As I grow older I find I end up asking for money a lot more which of course unfortunately means less unwrapping (boo!). There's always that bit of excitement and mystery with unwrapping presents! Anyway, seeing as it was my 17th my main present was driving lessons, I even had one on the day, and I didn't crash, which is a massive success in my eyes. I also got a few bits of clothing including a pretty blue cropped lace top and a gooorgeous pair of white joni jeans, and if you know me, you'll know I adore joni jeans, I practically live in them! I also got a few bits of underwear and pajamas but they weren't so pretty to photograph! I also got a beautiful pink purse from River Island after having enough of my old one and feeling like a change. As always, I got some more Barry M nail varnish to add to my ridiculous collection, I feel as if I may have to have some therapy for my addiction soon. And finally, I got two books and a the Catching Fire DVD. I don't tend to read much in my own time, but when on holiday I become a giant bookworm. My mum got me a John Green book after I enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars, as well as one by Sophie McKenzie, my all time favourite author. I'm not normally a film person but I became obsessed with The Hunger Games after loving the book trilogy I ended up seeing the first film in the cinemas twice I loved it so much!

Seeing as my birthday was slap bang in the middle of exam season, I am celebrating in a few weeks with a party with all my girlfriends, so I am VERY excited to get out and spend that money I got on a brand new pair of heels and new outfit, and maybe even some cheeky make-up too!

Wishlist: Co-ord dreaming

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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The idea of co-ords has, as expected, grown on me and I am now practically drooling over the many co-ords I am finding online. The way I look at it is that a co-ord is basically 3 outfits, and is therefore 100% worth emptying your bank account for. You of course get the majorly easy outfit where the only decision is what shoes to wear, then you have the top half of the co-ord for another look, and the bottom half of the co-ord for yet another outfit. Totally justified, right?

Weekly Want

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hello new blog series! Ok, so seeing as my exams will soon be over and both my social life and free time will return, I thought why not do a new series for my blog. The idea is that every week I will be posting a new in piece which I am lusting for!

This week I am drooling over this Palm print Bandeau Skort Playsuit. I love the shape of this, especially the neckline! Wack on some wedges and some big sunnies and it's the perfect summer party outfit!

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser Review

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts, I didn't quite manage to schedule enough to last the whole of my exam period, but the good news is I only have one more exam left which is next Monday and I'm taking a trip to Westfield to celebrate the day after! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy hey?!

Last week I received the Eucerin DermoPurifyer Cleanser* from Escentual. I always love trying out new skincare products and this one certainly didn't disappoint. The product is of a very liquidy gel consistency which you apply to a wet face to create a lather. It's actually aimed at more oily skin and those who get a lot of blemishes like myself so probably not ideal for those with dry skin.

I've never heard of the bran Eucerin before so was keen to try it out. After using this every morning and night for just over a week, although it's not a long period of time, I can already see the results it's having on my skin. With exam stress and hormones I've had a lot of breakouts recently but this has definitely kept them at bay and helped get rid of the others at a much greater speed than if they were left untreated. I'm excited to keep using it and see the long-term effect it has!

Now or never

Friday, 9 May 2014


Primark.. you've done it again. I found this beautiful skirt when I was in Nottingham and almost cried with happiness (slight exaggeration). It's a faux-leather skirt in a pale blue shade which is a tight fit and is perfect for spring. At only £10 it was a no-brainer!

Barry M Silk Review

Friday, 2 May 2014

And the obsessions continues.. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am well and truly obsessed with Barry M and their nail varnish range, I buy almost every single collections and don't be fooled, the silk collection was no different.

I got the whole collection apart from one colour - Truffle, which I felt I just didn't particularly like nore did I feel it would suit me. The shades I did get were Blossom - a gorgeous pastel pink, Heather - a light purple shade, Pearl - perfectly named as it is literally pearl colour, a shimmery white, Meadow - a pretty pastel light green, and finally Mist - a gorgeous sky blue shade. Each polish has a silk effect to them, which gives off a slight shimmer/shine.

The application of the polishes, as always with Barry M, are very easy, I prefer to use two coats whenever I paint my nails, although one will do fine for all, other than Pearl, which due to it's lighter colour, can come off a bit sheer at times. The lasting power is also similar to Barry M's other nail varnishes, with a top coat they can last a solid 5 days, give or take a few days depending on what you do! My favourite shade has to be Blossom as I haven't stopped wearing it since, it's the perfect girly shade. I feel the collection has Spring/Summer written all over it and was released at just the right time, and with each bottle retailing at £3.99 it's a win win situation!

  • cheap
  • perfect for spring/summer
  • good lasting power
  • sometimes requires a few coats