Your love is too high

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I got this top back in the Boxing Day Asos sale and I was actually really nervous about wearing it - it's a bit more out there with the snakeprint front and leather sleeves but I really want to start getting a bit more daring with what I wear, and playing with textures and prints is a perfect way to start. This week is the dreaded mock week so I spent my half term revising.. unfair or what?!

Also, I'm thinking of renaming my blog. I'm hoping to get rid of the 'blogspot' bit in my url but unfortunately the domain is already taken (damn you common name!). If I don't have a light bulb moment in the next few weeks I'll probably go with, but preferably I'd like to avoid any hyphens/numbers in it, so if any of you, much more imaginative, readers would like to suggest anything - please do!!


  1. I really like the sleeves, bold is good! Eeep, coming up with a blog name can be tricky. Good luck!

    Tara xo

  2. love the print on this top, together with the leather sleeves looks great!
    anna | styleskittle | ❤

  3. Great look Lucy! I wish I could pair a dress/top like this off o.o I like how you styled it so.. chill and comfy! :3
    Maria // xx

  4. The top is lovely :) you look really pretty!


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