Winter warmers

Friday, 29 November 2013

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I'm not going to lie, I really hate winter. The rain, the dark mornings and evenings, I just can't stand it! The only positive things about winter is Christmas and Costa's Honeycomb Hot Chocolates. Although, cold does mean jumpers and this year I have gone pretty overboard with knitwear. I've been leaping out of my safety zone of creams and burgandy's and tried to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe. I'm especially loving textures this season, particularly the angora/super fluffy jumpers! I love the cropped style of the pink topshop jumper, I think it's so classy and looks gorgeous with a skater skirt - and it really reminds me of Made In Chelsea for some reason?!

Mens Christmas gift guide

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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Men. Possibly the hardest people to buy for, and with having two older brothers I always dread buying them presents. Thankfully my mum has had years of practice with male gifting and is always there to give me a little help. I've had a search on the internet for what I like to think of, great presents for any man. I tried my best!

I tried to go for a little bit of everything for every kind of man - theres the 'Acadie' for the gamer guy - you plug in your iPad/iPhone and play certain apps using the old school joy stick, there's the Ted Baker wash bag for those who like to take care of themselves, and the cufflinks for the businessman. I adore the jumper, coooor, I do love a man in a jumper!! Finally the aftershave and boxers, my brothers seem to ALWAYS get at least one pair of Calvin Kleins, and why not get a pretty pink pair?!

I hope this helps you even the slightest, even after this I am still dreading getting presents for my dad and brothers..

Instagram update #12

Sunday, 24 November 2013

watching monsters inc // not helping with my homework!! // pretty sky
taking all of this down today // union j album // train trip home from london
#tbt // so proud of these boys, 3 years and i finally have their album // teen awards
feel like a princess, my phone is pink and sparkly // scotty t from geordie shore!! // #ootn

Everybody knows

Monday, 18 November 2013


I feel as though I open every post with an apology nowadays!! This was the first time I took some outfit photos since I took down all the photos/posters on my walls and had them repainted, turns out they were making my photos focus on my face, so now when I take pictures I have a blurry face.. great!! I'm hoping to get a remote for Christmas so hopefully all will be resolved soon.

This is what I wore for a birthday meal on Saturday, I'm feeling super fat at the moment as I had two birthday meals two nights in a row and had chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert for both! I also managed to somehow bump into Scotty T from Geordie Shore on Friday and got pictures with him which was pretty awesome, I've been watching the show for years. Aswell as that, I finally got round to buying The Hunger Games:Catching Fire tickets for IMAX on Saturday! Unfortunately I missed out on going with all my girl friends but instead I'm going with my mum. I'm SO excited!! Are any of you THG fans?!

You still amaze me

Thursday, 7 November 2013


*Bad blogger alert!!* A whole week and a day since i last blogged.. oh dear! These photos are from a few weeks back - my walls are officially bare and painted plain white ready for a mirror to appear on them soon. I have mock exams in December as well as my Biology coursework deadline in three weeks so it looks like I'll be going back into the dark place of revision, work, and more revision, oh how I've missed it.. NOT! On the up side it's November which totally makes it acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies right?.... Right?!