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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I've finally worked out a way I can take photos with a little less hassle - I've managed to squeeze my tripod into my miniscule room (it's so minsucle you can't even fit a double bed in - feel sorry for me). The backdrop isn't nessecarrily the nicest but it's definitely a lot more practicle for if I have a few minutes spare before I leave the house. I've really struggled getting OOTD's recently - I'm in a rush in the morning and 4 days out of 5 I come home in my gym clothes! Hopefully I'll get used to it soon!!

You know those days when you just can't be bothered to make an effort? This was one of those days. I went for my trusty Joni Jeans and a cami - cami's look gorgeous with everything and make it look like I've put in ten times more effort than I have. I chucked on my leather jacket for warmth - I've been wearing this a lot lately - it's been that perfect temperature outside - not too hot or too cold!

It's been a busy start at Sixth Form - I've got a whole load of work to do and it's hard juggling it all with my school sports academies and my out of school clubs too, but I'm definitely enjoying it so far! Posts are likely to be sparse on my blog for a while, but I have my priorities and I'm determines to ace these two years of A Levels!!


  1. So pretty! I love the jacket and the bag xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  2. Lovely outfit and your wall is awesome!

  3. I always wear stuff like this for a casual day :). I love the jeans!


  4. I love this! I am so dying for a pair of Joni jeans because they are just so perfect for decieving people into thinking you've made an effort haha! I love the colour of your cami too, so lush

    Xenia xx

  5. Great outfit! Love the colours!
    - Charlotte

  6. Love the cami and jeans combination! x

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  7. Love the outfit! The quality of these photos is amazing for inside!

  8. This is basically my everyday outfit as i own the cami and jeans. Such an easy go-to outfit and i am loving the look of your room! xo
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  9. For not bothering, this outfit is really cute! that is an AWESOME leather jacket. And aww, i can relate with the tiny bedroom haha. For weeks where i dont have time to take OOTD photos, I just reshoot the outfits on the weekend so I have a few posts lined up for the next week :) It's a lot less stressful!

    xo marlen
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  10. Love your style x

  11. Love the high waisted pants!

    xo Mel

  12. Love your outfit :)

  13. In love with your bag and jacket! Great style! xxx


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