Fashion Union Wishlist

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Creeping on the blogosphere lately has been this ah-maze-ing competition to win a whopping £500 to spend at Fashion Union. As you know I'm a complete sucker for any kind of competition so having the chance to win such a massive amount of money on one of my favourite online stores would be pretty awesome!! And entering is easy as pie - you just have to make a wishlist!! Fashion Union has so many steals - I can't believe how cheap the Jeffery Campbell Contrane boots are!! They're not only cheap but on top of the trends, how gorgeous is the Tartan Skirt?!

To make things even better (yes, it's possible), Sweet September is currently running meaning it's free deliveries! Click on the image below to be redirected to the site..

If you fancy entering - you'd be mad not to, you can do so by clicking here. Be quick though as the competiton ends on Monday!!


  1. Can't believe I haven't heard of this website it looks great value for money and that skirt is amazing! Will definitely be checking it out!

    Millie x

  2. Nice picks :) That bag is gorgeous! xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  3. J'aime bien le manteau les chaussures et le sac, ça ferait un bon ensemble :)

  4. Love everything on this wishlist, especially those boots!x

  5. Just found your blog and I love it! Want everything on this list!

  6. the skirt and shirt are perf!

  7. wow can't believe they have such good 'lookalike' jeffrey campbrelle coltranes!

    Melmel :)

  8. That bag is gorgeous, would absolutely love it in my collection.



  9. These boots and the gorgeous coat, I think I'm in love!

  10. i am wanting the shoes but they seem to have run out of them. But thanx for following and i am now your newest follower as well :) keep in touch

    Issie xox

  11. never even heard of fashion union before! thanks for opening my eyes!! x


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