Haul: Winter Preparation

Monday, 30 September 2013


A while back I had a real urge to go on spending spree as now I have a reason to always buy clothes - sixth form! I'm actually surpised how I managed to get all of this for just under £60 (not including the jeans)!! I particularly wanted some more knitwear because who doesn't love cosy jumpers/cardigans?! I bought a black midi dress from Internacionale for only £15 - they're super easy to wear and perfect for those 'cba' days! I also got a coral three quarter sleeve jumper for the same price - I picked it up instantly because it's very similar to topshop's and coral is my colour! I deffo needed some more colour in my wardrobe too. The burgandy jumper is from Primark for a mere £8 - I wanted some other colours but none were particularly nice and this colour is my all time fave to wear for autumn! I finally got mself a big knit cardigan from H&M for £20 - It's zip up rather than buttoned but I loved the mixed knit of it. The jeans are the Joni Jeans from topshop - I'm deffo going to live in jeans this winter so decided it's probably best to get another colour. Finally, the face wash was to replace my exfoliate scrub from body shop which has run out!

Fashion Union Wishlist

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Creeping on the blogosphere lately has been this ah-maze-ing competition to win a whopping £500 to spend at Fashion Union. As you know I'm a complete sucker for any kind of competition so having the chance to win such a massive amount of money on one of my favourite online stores would be pretty awesome!! And entering is easy as pie - you just have to make a wishlist!! Fashion Union has so many steals - I can't believe how cheap the Jeffery Campbell Contrane boots are!! They're not only cheap but on top of the trends, how gorgeous is the Tartan Skirt?!

To make things even better (yes, it's possible), Sweet September is currently running meaning it's free deliveries! Click on the image below to be redirected to the site..

If you fancy entering - you'd be mad not to, you can do so by clicking here. Be quick though as the competiton ends on Monday!!

You're gonna hear me roar

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I've finally worked out a way I can take photos with a little less hassle - I've managed to squeeze my tripod into my miniscule room (it's so minsucle you can't even fit a double bed in - feel sorry for me). The backdrop isn't nessecarrily the nicest but it's definitely a lot more practicle for if I have a few minutes spare before I leave the house. I've really struggled getting OOTD's recently - I'm in a rush in the morning and 4 days out of 5 I come home in my gym clothes! Hopefully I'll get used to it soon!!

You know those days when you just can't be bothered to make an effort? This was one of those days. I went for my trusty Joni Jeans and a cami - cami's look gorgeous with everything and make it look like I've put in ten times more effort than I have. I chucked on my leather jacket for warmth - I've been wearing this a lot lately - it's been that perfect temperature outside - not too hot or too cold!

It's been a busy start at Sixth Form - I've got a whole load of work to do and it's hard juggling it all with my school sports academies and my out of school clubs too, but I'm definitely enjoying it so far! Posts are likely to be sparse on my blog for a while, but I have my priorities and I'm determines to ace these two years of A Levels!!

Phase Eight Wishlist*

Monday, 23 September 2013

*This is a sponsered post

Recently I was contacted and introduced to a brand found in John Lewis I hadn't originally ever heard of - Phase Eight. After a little browse online at the collection it made me crave for a big 'red carpet glamour' night. All a girl ever wants is to up once in a while, put on that stunning dress, those sparkly, painful-but-totally-worth-it heels, do the big hair and smoky eyes and finish the look with a bold lippy. Unfortunately being a student it's very rare that I ever get those occasions so I decided to share a little wishlist for you for finding the perfect pieces for the glam look.

They have the most perfect dresses, my favourite being the pink lace cocktail dress. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and I can see it looking great with a neutral, light wash of make-up, a silver clutch and silver heels to match.

What dress is you favourite? How would you style it?

Instagram Update #10

Sunday, 22 September 2013

ootd // crabby // beautiful view
fun day with my girlies // pretending i'm healthy // bed time story
being an a* sixth form student and getting my homework done early // delivery days are good days // guess who's ready for winter?!
history with alice // new babies // morning read

It's been a fun couple of weeks! Despite the big workload I am loving Sixth Form. I have a really positive outlook on everything right now and I'm the happiest I've been for a long time - let's hope that stays for a while!

Winter Boots

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Winter is fast approaching (far too fast if you ask me) and it's that time again where the jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves come out, along with those perfect winter boots. Last year I lived in my army style boots so they're definitely a little bit worse for wear now, so it was time for a new pair! I've had a massive crush on the cut-out style boots for ages now but I decided to be practicle - holes in the shoes aren't exactly going to be great in the rain!!

I saw these beauties when visiting Lakeland a while ago, and after ordering a pair of H&M boots online last week and being totally dissappointed by them, I went straight online and bought these - the high top style, the colour and of course the fur is just perfect. They're super duper cosy and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be living in these for the rest of the winter.

What's in my bag? / Sixth Form Essentials

Saturday, 14 September 2013

As you probably know, on Thursday I started Sixth Form and just before my holidays ended I stocked up with everything a woman would ever need in their bag. I've been dying to use my Zara Office City bag that my mum bought for me back in March, but seeing as I only had a few weeks left of High School it seemed pointless. And you always have to start a new year with a new bag! I struggled with what to call this post as it can be used for pretty much anything - work, high school, college, you name it!

This hairbrush is one I've had for years which I bought from Claires. A hairbrush will always be useful, especially if, like me, you're going to be going from school work to gym work and need to chuck your hair up.

I like to think this is pretty obvious - you never know when you're going to need to top up your make-up or be told you've got something on your face!

Handcream/Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
I'm always getting dry hands so it's always handy to have some hand cream in my bag. Last year I also had some Anti-Bacterial Gel, particularly for when I was going to eat, it's horrible to think of all the surfaces you've touched and all the germs that could be lurking on them!

Deodorant & Body Spray
Smelling bad is possibly the worst thing that can happen, so I like to keep a deodrant in my bag which will be especially useful when I use the gym and some body spray, just to top up my fragrances or if I forget to put any perfume on one morning!

Lip Balm/Vaseline
I'm always applying vaseline to my lips, I've actually had this tin for years and it's my challenge to empty it. Always handy for when you get dry lips!

Powder & Brush
I'm forever getting oily skin so I like to keep some powder in my bag just to dust over my face halfway through the day and mattify my face.

Fresh breath is a must!

Especially useful for the winter months - sniffing is a pet hate of mine!

Sixth form means own clothes which means I can be wearing a different pair of shoes every day - chances are I will get a blister at least once!

English weather is very unpredictable!!

Hairbands & Hair slides
I very often have a hair mishap so having an extra hairband and slides are always handy.

I rarely need money as I bring my own lunch to school, but it's nice just to have a little for reassurance in case you forget one day or need to buy a drink etc.

Let's be honest, is it even possible to leave the house without your phone?

Tangled, of course. I'm a massive music person and will always find some time to plug these in and have a little jam.

Note Pad
When it comes to Sixth Form, it's a lot different to High School and you're expected to provide yourself with your own books etc. I started off with a new A4 notepad to jot down any notes, but I'm also on the hunt for some folders for each subject to keep everything in one place - it's better to be organised!

Pencil Case
Another pretty obvious one, you need pens to write with.

I think it's very important to have a Diary, it's the key to being organised! Luckily my sixth form supply me with one but if you don't, definitely make it a priority to get one! I like to write in all my homework in and when it's due in so I don't forget.

I like to think I'm the Mary Poppins of our time, packing pretty much everything into one tiny bag.

Autmn Wishlist

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I like to think of myself as a summer girl, but this year I'm strangely really looking forward to autumn, the month of layering, cosy jumpers and hot chocolates in front of the fire. It's also the first season of Autumn I offically have a reason to fill up my wardrobe with new clothes seeing as I'm no longer wearing uniform. Tartan is definitely my favourite trend for A/W, and I'm desperately after a nice tartan scarf to chuck on top of all outfits. I loved this checked shirt dress, I can imagin it being a perfect grungy outfit paired with tights and some docs! I've actually ordered the boots, I saw them a while back and fell in love, not only with the boots but with the price and I was devastated when they went off the website, so obviously the minute I saw them back online I grabbed them while I could. The jeans are a necessity - I'm pretty sure all winter I will be living in my new favourite Joni Jeans, so I definitely need a black pair so people don't start thinking I don't wash my clothes..

Lost Generation

Saturday, 7 September 2013


This dress is such a little treat. I got it last Christmas after hinting at mum. We saw it on one of our shopping trips and I loved the cute daisy print on the bust but unfortunately, I decided against it as I barely ever have the right occasion for slightly more evening-wear dresses, and at £40 I wasn't going to get enough wear out of it. Lucky for me, it went into the online sale for just £10. So my brilliant mummy rung up santa and his elves and got it wrapped up for me. Unfortunately it had a hole in the back, but nothing a talented mum and needle and thread couldn't fix!


Thursday, 5 September 2013


Apologies for how awful I look here, Mum and I attempted to take some photos with the sea view in the background but they came out hideous thanks to the breeze that picks up in the evenings in Lanzarote. I figured the life ring in the background was holiday-ish enough!

I decided this dress was fate. I found it when I was in Nottingham, it was on a rack with loads of other random pieces of clothing, the only one AND in my size. I think it's one of those versatile dresses which can be worn in the evening or during the day which is just what I need for Sixth Form. It's cream - perfect for me and has a lovely subtle geometric pattern on the top section. I'd love to wear this with some tights and a leather jacket in the winter!

Can we dance

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I was so happy when I saw this little treat on OASAP, I've loved the recent cutout trend, particually these shoulder cutouts. I'm not so keen on the belly cut out style on a lot of dresses as I feel a lot more self-consious, however the flash of shoulder is a lot less revealing but super sexy too. I've worn this top endlessly since recieving it, particually with my Joni Jeans. I think it's pretty easy to style with it being monochrome, it will go fantastically with any colour, or you can go for the complete monochrome look! I put on my spike necklace to accessorize slightly, I love the way necklaces look when they're sat just under the collar!

I start Sixth Form on Thursday and I feel like I'm starting High School all over again, I can't wait to meet everyone and beging doing only subjects that I love!

August Favourites

Monday, 2 September 2013

Believe it or not, almost a year of blogging and I've never done a favourites post - hard to believe, right?! It always comes to the end of the month and I never think I have enough things to mention, however this month, getting ready for Sixth Form I've given my room a slight make-over which is still in progress, and I've got myself organised which also includes making lists! I've left a notepad on my chest of drawers and added any ideas for new posts, things I want to buy and favourites! Turns out there is quite a few things I've been loving recently!!

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish
If you know me, you know I am Barry M's number one fan - with almost 30 of their polishes. The Gelly's are a newer range which are slightly thicker in consistently and give a much glossier and gel-like finish when applied. I've got a few and my favourite shades right now are Grapefruit, a darker pink and Papaya a more coral like shade.

Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
I've never really bothered about hand cream and very rarely feel the need to use it, however after getting the Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream in a pack for my birthday back in May, I've found myself using it a lot, especially just before I go to bed. It's got a gorgeous peachy smell and is a perfect size to chuck in my bag.

Natural Collection Mascara
I bought this waterproof mascara just before I went on Holiday after realising none of the mascara's I already own weren't waterproof. This cost super cheapm only two or three pounds so I gave it a go. Although it's certainly not waterproof, I do really love the way it lengthens and volumises my lashes and it's been a great alternative after my Avon one ran out.

Avon Illuminating Face Pearls
This was one of my very first make-up purchases and I've found myself going back to it this month. I think it was originally considered a blush when I first bought it but has since been changed to Illuminating Face Pearls, none the less it's great for adding some subtle colour to the cheeks, aswell as to the whole face which I found myself doing while on holiday. It adds the colour as well as a bit of shimmer giving a healthy glow. I can also tell these will last a lifetime, so definitely a good purchase!

Minion Rush
Minion Rush is a game I stumbled upon on my Dad's ipad - it's ultimately a dupe of the very raved Temple Run, but way cuter. I found myself addicted to this on holiday, it's a simple and easy game to play and the sound effects were adorable. Although I've never watched either of the Despicable Me films, I now want myself a Minion!

Sophie McKenzie Books
August was the holiday month and holiday means sunbathing which therefore means books! My family and I literally spend our whole holiday in the sunshine reading, we only venture outside the villa in the evening. This year I went back to my all time favourite Author Sophie McKenzie - she had written the first book I ever fell in love with - 'Girl Missing'. This year I read 'Falling Fast' - a romance novel and 'Missing Me' - a slightly more thriller genre. She's such a great author, and although I'm probably too old for her writing now, I will continue to read all of her books!

 Song - Can We Dance - The Vamps
There's a new boyband on the block and they're definitely cute as a button. I've promised myslef I wont fall in love with them like I have with both The Wanted and Union J. However their first single is SO catchy and I have a feeling it's going to take the UK  by storm. Stay away Lucy. You can't fall in love with anymore people. Being a fangirl is a very expensive occupation, you know?

Instagram Update #9

Sunday, 1 September 2013

finally got the ikea alex drawer!! // ootn, meal with the parents // ootd
holiday // bliss // first book of the holiday read!
brownies and ice cream // beautiful sunset // mummy and i
view from our villa // flight home // came home to these results - hard work paid off!

It's been a hectic few weeks, but was lovely to spend a week back in Lanzarote, our fourth year there. The villa we stay in is right on the front with sea views, and on the clearer days you can also see Fuerteventura, which is gorgeous! Seeing as I missed results day, I came home to a very important envelope and I am so happy with how I did. Overall I finished with two A*s, six A's, four B's, two Distinctions and a Pass. It's given me a lot of motivation to work as hard for my A Levels. It's mad that I'm starting Sixth Form on Thursday and soon I'll be looking for Uni's. Scary stuff! It's definitely going to be hard to get back into routine after 11 weeks off!!