Festival Fashion Over Time

Monday, 19 August 2013

Recently I received a great opportunity to take a look at the Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look showing how fashion has evolved over time.

I found it really interesting because fashion is always changing and repeating itself, I remember the good old days where I would trot round in my dungarees and jelly shoes as a child, and here I am, 16 years old with a pair of dungarees in my wardrobe and jelly shoes on my wishlist! Although, the whole neon trend was my favourite. I remember having to create a girlband for my English lesson, we had to model and we each wore neon beads, neon skirts, neon ankle warmer and more. (These photo's are NEVER coming out #cringe).

You can view the actual widget right HERE. My favourites have got to be 1969 and 2013! What are yours?

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  1. C'est un super projet!
    xx http://wildlysweet.blogspot.fr

  2. I did this on my blog too, and I seriously love the widget, it's really interesting to go through it and see the different styles and what it relates too


  3. Its amazingb how the style evolved over the years.



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