Review: Bourjous Colour Boost

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hola!! I am back in England! I arrived home Thursday at 7:30pm and then left the house again at 8 after a last minute plan to go camping with all my friends - that is total dedication there, not only did I give up my first sleep back in my bed, but I also did it after a 4 hour flight and traded the comfiness and warmth for the cold hard ground (*sung like Taylor Swift). I did have a lot of fun though and it was fun to catch up with everyone! While away I managed to get two OOTD posts - not as many as I'd hoped but most of my outfits had already been featured on my blog, sad times. However, while away I hit a big milestone, I reached 500 followers!!! That is SO crazy and I want to thank everyone so much for following me and inspiring me to keep this blog going - I feel really proud of it and it's such an achievment for me. I love you guys!!

Finally, before the post just a quick mention to all the lovely ladies that did a guest post for me - thank you so much! It's really appreciated and I hope you all enjoyed reading them as much as I did!


I'm not much of a lippy girl - every kind of bright lipstick just looks awful on me, but I do want to get into wearing some colour on my lips a bit more. When I saw these Bourjous Colour Boosts circulating on the blogosphere, I knew I had to give them a go. They give a subtle colour as well as a gloss, without it all being too much of a statement.


I picked up three colours: 'Peach on the beach' - the most subtle colour of them all giving a light pink tint, 'Orange Punch' - a lovely coral toned colour and 'Red Sunshine' - the darkest of the lot, being a dark pink, despite the title having red in it.

I'm still not completely sure on how I feel about these, they're similar to the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains and the Clinique Chubby Sticks, however I can't judge on the products similarities and differences as I don't own either of these.

The colour of each of these transfers really well on the lips, as well as giving a high, glossy, shine. I've found that sometimes the colour - particually Red Sunshine can be a bit too strong for my liking, so just patting it with my finger makes it a bit more subtle aswell as matte. The product claims that it will last 10 hours on the lips which I've found to be wrong. The gloss fades within an hour or so and the colour lasts around 5 hours. Although, The waterproof claim is right. The product is very moisturising, unless you decided to pat it into the lips, I find a bit of vaseline over the top may me necessary, and they also have SPF 15 in which is always good!

I'm still not 100% on how I feel about these, the colours are gorgeous but I just don't feel like the lasting power is anywhere near as good as it claims, and I absolutely hate re-applying make-up in public, however they are good for me as I ease my way into wearing a bit more colour on my lips.

Festival OOTD - Guest Post Week - Day #7

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day #7!! Hopefully by now I have a gorgeous dark tan and have lots of holiday OOTD's to share with you! Today I bring you Lydia from who is sharing a fab outfit inspired by festivals! Enjoy!

 Hey Girls! 

My names Lydia my blog is, Im going to be a guest blogger for Lucy whilst she's on holiday. I thought i'd do a simple OOTD as being a guest blogger you don't know what someone else's audience likes. This outfit is inspired by the festival seasons, over the weekend V festival and as i'm from Essex it's just down the road. I'm not one for going all out in the festival trend, I'm much prefer just accessories a little to give my outfit a slight festival edge. I always feel like you can never go wrong with a pair of high waisted shorts and a simply top, floral headbands/crowns are such a staple when it comes to festival trends I never thought i'd be able to pull one off but my mum's friend makes them. I asked her to make a smaller one as i have a tiny head, I absolutely love what she came up with. I Also added an alternative if the flower crown isn't something you're found of. I feel in love with these sunglasses when i found them on the misguided website. 

Top | Topshop £6
Shorts | Vintage Levis 
Jelly Shoes | Office £25
Flower Sunglasses | Missguided £9 

Autumn Anticipation - Guest Post Week - Day #6

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another Autumn-based post for you today from the goooorgeous India from I know India from Twitter and when I found she had a blog I was very happy - she has a very unique but lovely style, definitely recommend checking her out!

Autumn is my favourite time of year for fashion, obviously it changes and things are slightly different to the year before but what i love is the fact that it's a transition from summer to winter and i think, a perfect combination of the two. 

 I love the colours of autumn,the oranges,reds and browns and the warmth those colours bring as the days slowly get darker and colder. I love the combination of summer and winter fashion, the way you can get away with wearing shorts with a massive wooly scarf and its absolutely fine. I love the way everything becomes calmer and cosier and it's acceptable to sit in all day wearing an oversized jumper and leggings with a hot chocolate and watch films all day. I love how its cool enough to buy hot drinks in starbucks again and how everything seems to go back to normal whether you're going back to school or college or whatever you do. 

Peculiarly when i was at school i also loved autumn for getting new uniform and trying to look my best on the first day back and i hope it isn't just me who loved going back to school! 
 I think the thing i love most about autumn is that it's relaxed and you can dress comfortably and if you're self conscious you can be completely covered up without it being too warm and look really cool.

 India ♡ velvet ghost 

 all images are found on

Autumn Winter 2013/14 - Guest Post Week - Day #5

Monday, 26 August 2013

Today's guest post is from Alex at and she's had a look into the A/W trends which I am absolutely loving!! This post has definitely made me more excited for the winter months..

Hello there! I'm Alex from over at Cats and Vodka and I'm doing a little guest post for the beautiful Lucy so here goes!

It's that time again where we can pull our tights and boots out and get ready for winter, halloween, christmas, hot chocolates under a blanket, SNOW! Summer only lasts a couple of weeks here in the UK so it's good to stock up on your essentials; comfy sweaters, fluffy socks and invest in key pieces like jackets and warm boots and this A/W season brings some new trends for us to try...

My pick of the trends this season

Dark Florals: 

Move over bright summer florals and make way for darker tones! Think vivid blues and rich reds on a black background, perfect for brightening those murky winter days, perfect for the office and for night's out. 

When I think of leather clothes, other than jackets I see this..

As hot as Sandy looks in this outfit, I don't think this is really what the designers had in mind, neither is this..

Leather is a tricky trend to pull off, it's easy to end up looking like a dominatrix but if done right it can look bang on trend and make even the nicest of girls look like they've got a bad side..

This leather trend is all about thinking outside of the jacket, try leather skirts, tops, leather detailing on dresses. Leather can be incorporated into wardrobe really easily, plus it'll keep you warm and dry, bonus! Leather items can be found all over the high street, if you're looking to invest head to Topshop or Zara, if you're just looking for a touch of this trend head to Primark or New look for a cheeky bargain. 

Punk/Plaid/Tartan :
Tartan has had an overall from the Bay City Roller's times, not sure who they are? Have a look..

Yep, not the best look but thankfully this style is not back in trend! Versace's A/W line 'Vunk' follows on from the look of the year, the 90's 'hipster grunge look' bringing in statement plaid pieces, think scarves, plaid skirts, layering shirts.

Mango's AW range get's the punk trend perfectly. The Plaid dress is right on trend, mixing the plaid trend with the dark floral trend and a on a skater style dress, top of my wishlist! I love band t-shirts and loads more will be coming out supporting the grunge look this winter. 

Statement Tartan Skirt? Check. Amazing shoe boots? Check. 90's make up? Double check! 
This look sums up the 90's grunge trend to a T, definitely going to be taking a leaf out of her style book. 
Find Lua on Lookbook.

Dungarees are still going strong with added legs to keep you warm in the snow, all from Missguided.

Struggling for inspiration for this trend? Watch Clueless and take some style pointers from Cher and her gang.

Emerald Green:

Instead of the usual berry colours, emerald is the new colour of the season. Selena Gomez at the Teen Choice awards pulls this colour off perfectly

Her skin tone is flattered beautifully by this colour and the high side splits show off her amazing legs, I'd trade bodies with her in an instant! This colour would work for night out dresses, bags, shoes and could be incorporated into a smokey eye for a bit of a change up!

So, that's all from me over at Cats and Vodka

Hope you all enjoy my pieces and let me know how you'll be incorporating these trends into your wardrobe! 

 Byeeeeeee x x x

In The Zone - Guest Post Week - Day #4

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Today I bring you Belinda from I'm so happy she offered to guest post for me because I wasn't aware of her blog beforehand and I loooove it! She has an amazing sense of style which I hope you appreciate as much as I do!

Leather Jacket - Topshop / Shirt - Forever21 / Jeans - Topshop / Creepers - New Look / Bag - JUSTFAB / Rings - ASOS / Sunglasses - New Look / Nails - Essie 'Good as Gold'

Hello lovelies! So I did a little bit of shopping on Monday (not too much though as I've already spent a bit too much on my Christmas shopping) so I opted for the 'comfy casual' look and just threw on my super comfy mom jeans from Topshop. I'm definitely in love with these jeans and want more pairs! When I want to go for comfy footwear I always reach for my trusty creepers from New Look. I wasn't a big fan of creepers when they first came about I must admit but they did grow on me eventually. I love the thick platform they have so it gives me a bit of height as well as comfort. I adore this polka dot shirt which I bought from Forever21 back in March while I was up in Glasgow for a couple days. The quality is amazing and you could find an exact dupe of this in Topshop for £38 wheras this was a purse friendly price of £16! I had really gone off painting my nails for a good couple of months but I have rediscovered a nail polish in my stash which I got as a Christmas present. I love the quality of Essie nail polishes and the colour of this is just amazing. It makes your hands look expensive ha! Hope you enjoyed my guest post for Lucy Cole's blog and you have an awesome week ahead!

OOTD - Guest Post Week - Day #3

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 3! Today I'm bringing you Lauren from I was super excited when she contacted me because Lauren has got to be one of my all time favourite bloggers! I hope you guys love her as much as I do!

Asos Baseball Style Tee // Topshop Jersey Skirt // River Island Beanie // Topshop Satchel // New Look  Cut Out Boots

Hi Lucy’s readers! While Lucy’s on holiday in Lanzarote, I’m filling in for her with six other bloggers! Very excited as this is my FIRST EVER guest post! If you don’t follow me on my own site, my name is Lauren and I’m a 19 year old Media student from the UK.

Obviously these outfit photos were taken a couple of weeks ago. Can you tell it wasn’t the sunniest of days. LONG SLEEVES AND A BEANIE IN AUGUST? Well that’s just the English weather for you; I wish I was in Lanzarote!

My style is very Mary-Kate in her tomboy phase. Basically I like that effortlessly cool look, that look as if you just rolled out of a ditch, but in fact you probably took an hour or so to get ready. Yeah I like that. Even when I’m wearing a pretty dress, a pair of boots or a biker jacket is definitely in order to toughen the outfit up. These New Look boots have been perfect for that this season. Since I brought them a few months ago they have been my go-to shoe, I just love the cut out trend which has been all over the high street lately.
Before I go, I have to mention this baseball style t-shirt. I’m seriously all over this lately, I just love the style! It makes me feel like I should be in an American pop/punk music video, and who doesn’t want that? While I was looking for the ASOS link, I saw they have brought out different coloured versions, YAY!

5 Steps to a Decluttered Closet - Guest Post Week - Day #2

Friday, 23 August 2013

Hey guys! Day #2 of my guest posts is very exciting, I have Jodie from who will be helping you sort out your wardrobe, she's made such a helpful chart which I wish I had have used when I attempted sorting out my clothes a few weeks ago.

 Have a Plan

The word ‘decluttering’ doesn’t send shivers down spines because it’s easy and diving straight in will only make the task seem even more impossible. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to divide the work into more manageable, systematic chunks (tops today, skirts tomorrow) or do it all in one go and not stop until it’s finished, but make sure you set some sort of goal so you know where you’re heading.

Divide It Up

As you sort through items divide into a few smaller piles. I usually have 4: keep, recycle, sell and bin. Sometimes it’s really hard to choose so I made it easier with a simple chart - all you have to do is follow it!

Be Honest

It’s so easy to let sentimentality take over but try to be as rational as possible. If you’re like me, clothes – along with most other possessions – all hold valuable memories and letting go is near-impossible, even when I know I will never ever wear them again. Make some rules, such as keeping maximum 10 pairs of shoes, then write them down somewhere visible and stick to them!


Now that you’re wardrobe looking neat and manageable, it’s time to enjoy the results of all your hard work!

If you enjoyed this post and want to know more, including ideas for dealing with each pile separately, click here to browse the whole series.

I want to say a really big thank you to Lucy for allowing me to take over for a day and I really hope you liked it. I’d obviously love if you checked out my blog, à la Jode, but otherwise thank you for reading!

A Mint Wedding Look - Guest Post Week Day #1

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Today's post is done by Tess at House Of Fraser, she contacted me a while ago about my wedding OOTD post and kindly offered to do a post on what to wear for a wedding, I think she's done a great job!


When a happy couple invite you to watch them tie the knot, firstly, it’s a lovely and exciting privilege. However, once the sentiment has worn off comes the outfit panic. What do you wear to a wedding?! There are so many unwritten rules to consider. Wearing black is morbid, wearing white is controversial and anything low-cut will have your Grandma disowning you!

House of Fraser has a great range of cute bridesmaid dresses that are worth a look, but in the meantime, I am going to run through some key tips for looking knockout, sophisticated and photo-friendly!

Pastel palette
When it comes to the dress, pale pastel is the palette to stick to. A shocking pink or neon is arguably too much for family portraits, and though you want to stun, you don’t want to draw the attention away from the main wedding party.
 Luckily pastels are trend of the summer, so you’ll look fashion forward, whilst fitting in to the guest wedding code! I chose this Coast Bandeau Dress.

Feature jewellery
Unlike your regular meals with friends or nights out, you want your wedding look to have that something special. A metallic watch like this Michael Kors  number is perfect for complimenting pastel colours, but equally stops your outfit from being too overtly feminine. Really, any statement metallic jewellery is a must!

Opt for strappy
Another trend you can’t escape this season, are strappy heels. Whilst you will have to get a pedicure, it’ll be worth it – as these Kurt Geiger Isabella heels couldn’t be more in style. The added bonus is that with a long day of standing, sandals allow your feet to stay comfortable and fresh!

Hold a clutch
A further feature you need to finish of your look is a bag. I would definitely advise a clutch, as you don’t need to bring much aside from your invite and lippy. I personally love this leather-look Linea Eva Clutch, but really when it comes to which clutch, so long as it compliments your outfit, you can’t go wrong!

Whilst different weddings may have different dress-codes, and the weather determines your style too, I find that generally these four points will send you in the best possible direction for looking sophisticated and stylish on the day. Happy wedding!  


Almost is never enough

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I went out for lunch with my family last Friday and this is what I wore. I've been dying to wear one of my midi skirts for ages now, I adore them so much, I'm a big fan of the midi dresses and this is just another option. I also bought this adorable bow from New Look when I went shopping in Norwich last week, the colour caught my eye as Coral is my all time favourite and I though I could pretend to be Ariana Grande for a day - ha!

Today I've been sat sorting out all the guest posts for when I'm on holiday, I'm so excited for you all to see them because there's some really good content! On Sunday I went to Ikea and finally got the Alex 9 Drawer Unit for my room, as well as picking up two gorgeous duvet covers. My dad's already assembled it and it's now sitting snug in my tiny room. I sorted out all my things and now have certain drawers for certain things like make-up, hair things, nail varnishes and random rubbish! All I want to do now is take down all my posters and photos, re paint my wall to cover up all the awful gaps where bluetack has taken up the paint and get a pretty mirror to put on the wall. My room is really small so I need to leave the walls blank to try and open it up a bit, and I feel like I'm over the whole teenage fangirl stage!! Maybe one day when it's all done I can do a little post for you guys!

This will be my last post for a week *sobs*, but hopefully I'll be back in a week looking super duper tanned, and with some good GCSE results - fingers crossed! 

Festival Fashion Over Time

Monday, 19 August 2013

Recently I received a great opportunity to take a look at the Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look showing how fashion has evolved over time.

I found it really interesting because fashion is always changing and repeating itself, I remember the good old days where I would trot round in my dungarees and jelly shoes as a child, and here I am, 16 years old with a pair of dungarees in my wardrobe and jelly shoes on my wishlist! Although, the whole neon trend was my favourite. I remember having to create a girlband for my English lesson, we had to model and we each wore neon beads, neon skirts, neon ankle warmer and more. (These photo's are NEVER coming out #cringe).

You can view the actual widget right HERE. My favourites have got to be 1969 and 2013! What are yours?

*This is a sponsered post

Instagram Update #8

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Our little guests we've had for 2 weeks // tonights read // ginger snaps and tea 
ootd // favourite bikini // mike dignams park gig
mike dignam and i // cute new pants // ramsholt
crabbing with ali // hipsters doing their tie dye // too hip 4 u x x x

I've had an exciting and busy couple of weeks! I really feel as though I've made the most of this Summer holiday, I can't believe that it'll all be over in two weeks time and I'll be back in the classroom. I go on holiday soon and when I'm back I'll recieve my results, have a few days of either celebrating or drowning in my sorrows and be starting my first year of Sixth Form. I'm super excited to meet some new people (we're in a form with all the basketball players - definitely not complaining) and I'm really motivated to do well in my A Levels. I want to finish them in two years time being proud of myself. I just hope I feel like this when the work actually starts..

Summertime Sadness

Saturday, 17 August 2013


*Award for the most boring OOTD goes to me*. Yes, it's bland but I really wanted to show you these vintage dungarees I got in Nottingham a while back. I cut the legs a bit shorter and rolled up the bottoms and finally got round to styling them. I actually wore them the day before this with a white tight crop top, and I much prefer that look but I was far too lazy to photograph it. Anyway, I find dungarees to be the perfect outfit when you too lazy to try or if you're doing something that could get messy. The day before I wore them crabbing and this day I wore them to tie dye some tees! Check out my instagram to see how they turned out. Anyway, tomorrow my mum, dad and I are off to Ikea to buy myself the Alex 9 Drawer! It's pretty bad how excited I am about it - my room is miniscule so these drawers are defo needed. We're also hopefully going to pop into Lakeside for a bit of shopping, and then we'll be going out for tea!! One of my brothers will be at work and the other is currently partying out in Ibiza, so I can pretend I'm an only child for a day, haha!

Mini haul: Necessities, Beauty and a Bargain

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mum and I popped into town the other day and I bought more than expected. I finally gave in and bought the Bourjous chubby stick dupes - I couldn't pick one colour so I went for three, but 3 for 2 offers make it ok right? RIGHT?! I then also slipped up (not literally) and bought 3 more Barry M varnishes, I wanted the orangy red shade 'Satsuma' and accidently found another shade which I didn't have, and of course had to get a third free in the offer. I popped into Primark to get some more hairbands and also found some of these butterfly clips whih are always handy. I also got some of the cute frilly socks and then found this gorgeous print dress. Unfortunately I got it in a size 12 (boooo!!) So I'll have to go and change that, hopefully my size will be in stock! Finally we went to M&S to get my mum's friend a prezzie and I noticed these pants because they were such a pretty colour. They're a size bigger than me but they were reduced to a pound so I went for it anyway. Look at me guys, living life on the edge over here!! I've also added in this belt from NEXT that I bought online in the sale, it just took aaaagess to arrive!

Hey there sailor

Monday, 12 August 2013


I feel like I haven't left the house in ages. A lot of my friends have been away so I haven't really met up with anyone and my mums been at work however next week is looking fairly busy so far - I have an interview for a job today (eeeek), going to Norwich with some friends on Tuesday for some shopping at a free gig in the park to see Mike Dignam (I saw him support Lawson on tour and he's ace!!) and on Wednesday my bestie and our mums are off for a bit of old school crabbing and a cheeky meal! I like to be busy and have things planned. It's a bit sad sitting inside all day on the one holiday where I don't have any school work to do and when the weathers so lovely!! It wont be long till I'm off on holiday though so I'm super excited about that - remember you can be one of my guest bloggers while I'm away, just read my post HERE.