My Daily Make-up

Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's not very often I do beauty posts and I do consider myself as a fashion, style and beauty blogger so it's about time that changed. Today I decided to share with you my more or less, daily make-up. I wear a face of make-up pretty much every day - I wont if I know I'm not leaving the house, going somewhere were no-one will see me, going to the gym or on holiday abroad! The rest of the time, I have to have at the very least some mascara on.

First is the base. I tend to apply concealer first on any bigger blemishes, around my nose where it's fairly red and under my eyes with my ring finger. I then do the foundation. On good skin days I'll go for the BB cream - this one is made for oily skin and is a newer purchase of mine. On not so good days I'll use my Avon liquid foundation. I've tried a few drugstore foundations but always found myself going back to this one, I guess it just works best for me! I normally apply this with the Real Techniques Stippling brush then going over it with my beauty blender dupe which I got from TK Maxx just to get rid of any of the brush marks and smooth it all over. I then go and finish it off by giving a light dusting of powder with my Real Techniques powder brush.

Next I add a bit of colour to my cheeks, If I apply foundation, I always need a bit of blusher. Right now, I'm loving Benefits Coralista! I apply it with the Real Techniques contour brush and then, if I want even more colour I'll dive in with the Bourjous chcocolate bronzer, using the same brush defining my cheekbones and warming up my face.

Finally, the eyes. I shape my eyebrows using a lash and brow brush from The Body Shop and fill them slightly with the Soap and Glory brow pencil - I don't like to go too scouse brow! I then curl my lashes with the curler which I have no idea where it's from and apply my favourite mascara from Avon. I think it's the Super Full Lashes one?! I'm a bit confused by this mascara because I think I prefer it more now it's dried out a little bit - it seems to tug on the lashes a bit more. If I feel like it I will put a was of eye shadow on using one of my MUA palettes or my 24hr tattoo cream eyeshadow by Maybelline, but most of the time I don't bother!

Let me know what you think of these beauty posts and what else you'd like to see me do :)


  1. I love that MUA palette!

    Lucy i think you might like my Beauty blog sale all products reduced by 50% or more including products from nars, MAC, armani, clinique and more. We seem to have the same taste in products xx

  2. Love your daily pick <3 I love RT Brushes, Undress Me Too Palette and Benefit Box .. Great share love xoxoxo

  3. I have the same bronzer too I use it daily too- its a a great colourxxx

  4. your everyday makeup looks pretty similar to mine!! check mine out? :)

    loved this post :)

    meganmaisies | UK Style & Beauty

  5. Nice post Hun, I do like face of the day & daily makeup posts. I really do need to get myself the RT contour brush it looks fab!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh

  6. Lovely post! I'd like to hear your opinion on the BB cream for oily skin! I've had my eye on it for awhile but I'm still very doubtful about buying it...
    Maria xx

  7. i am still yet to try the borjouis bronzer. it does smell amazing though.
    I am jealous of your benefir palette -_-

    check out my blog if you have the time?

  8. Lovely post, great reviews of everything, the beauty blender dupe looks just like the real thing so looks very intiguing!

    Imogen <3

  9. The MUA palette looks gorgeous! I've heard great things about Coralista too, such a pretty color (:
    Natalie | Salt & Sail

  10. I love the look of that Benefit set... it's so cute :D xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  11. MUA eyeshadows are such brilliant value for money

    Kimberley x (currently running an international MAC giveaway)

  12. Lovely post! I love the MUA palette so much!

  13. I love reading these posts! I love RT brushes and Benefit palettes :) x

  14. Hi Lucy,

    I'd like to see what your favourite things are to wear on your lips and nails. Acquiring copious volumes of nail polishes and lip products is a little bit of a weakness of mine, and I'm always keen to get ideas for new products that I might love :)

    Lucy x The New Northerner

  15. Great post! Real technique brushes are my ultimate favourite x

  16. Oooh I love Coralista! I really want to try that BB cream too! x


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