All eyes glow

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Here is what I actually wore yesterday. The rain poured all day and I had to pop out to get a few things for the BBQ I had with the girls today. Although it was raining it was still fairly warm so I opted for the safety of my Joni Jeans. With them I wore this adorable blouse from OASAPI love the cute cutout flowers and it's not so sheer that you have to wear something beneath it - I probably could have done with ironing it though, oops! I've finally pictured these shoes I got from Next aaaages ago! I really love these, although they're not the best for walking on rocky land or long distances. They're a suede like materal with a slight platform. I like to think they're a more feminine twist on the creepers trend.


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


This is what I was planning on wearing today but unfortunately the English weather let me down and it's been raining ALL day. Regardless, I decided to chuck this on and picture it. I'll post what I actually wore tomorrow. I'm still unsure about these trousers from OASAP, I've wanted some print ones for a while and these being paisley, my favourite print, I had to give them a go. The colour also makes them a lot easier to style. They're super comfy and I can imagine them being perfect for a long journey.

Ebay Wishlist #5

Monday, 29 July 2013


I'm loving the increase in Ebay Wishlists on the blogosphere at the moment! They're definitely my fave posts to read. I seem to have gone very Zara-ish with this one with the heels and skort. I hated these skorts at first but as expected they've grown on me. I love the print on the dress I've chosen, I can see it being perfect for the day time and it's just a really fun print. The bag is the perfect dupe for the much loved Celine one and finally the bodysuit it very similar to those on Missguided at the moment, I think they look gorgeous under some high waist shorts.

Little Black Dress

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Everybody loves a little black dress right?! When I found this in the topshop sale there were no second thoughts. A simple, black, perfectly figure hugging dress which could be easily worn both in the day and night and only for £12. It's a lovely, comfortable material and perfect for those days where you just can't be bothered to make a lot of effort, like I was this day! 

I don't have much planned this week other than a little pool party round mine with all my best friends on Wednesday. I need to get outside and soak up some sun!! Hope you all have a great week :)

My Daily Make-up

Saturday, 27 July 2013

It's not very often I do beauty posts and I do consider myself as a fashion, style and beauty blogger so it's about time that changed. Today I decided to share with you my more or less, daily make-up. I wear a face of make-up pretty much every day - I wont if I know I'm not leaving the house, going somewhere were no-one will see me, going to the gym or on holiday abroad! The rest of the time, I have to have at the very least some mascara on.

First is the base. I tend to apply concealer first on any bigger blemishes, around my nose where it's fairly red and under my eyes with my ring finger. I then do the foundation. On good skin days I'll go for the BB cream - this one is made for oily skin and is a newer purchase of mine. On not so good days I'll use my Avon liquid foundation. I've tried a few drugstore foundations but always found myself going back to this one, I guess it just works best for me! I normally apply this with the Real Techniques Stippling brush then going over it with my beauty blender dupe which I got from TK Maxx just to get rid of any of the brush marks and smooth it all over. I then go and finish it off by giving a light dusting of powder with my Real Techniques powder brush.

Next I add a bit of colour to my cheeks, If I apply foundation, I always need a bit of blusher. Right now, I'm loving Benefits Coralista! I apply it with the Real Techniques contour brush and then, if I want even more colour I'll dive in with the Bourjous chcocolate bronzer, using the same brush defining my cheekbones and warming up my face.

Finally, the eyes. I shape my eyebrows using a lash and brow brush from The Body Shop and fill them slightly with the Soap and Glory brow pencil - I don't like to go too scouse brow! I then curl my lashes with the curler which I have no idea where it's from and apply my favourite mascara from Avon. I think it's the Super Full Lashes one?! I'm a bit confused by this mascara because I think I prefer it more now it's dried out a little bit - it seems to tug on the lashes a bit more. If I feel like it I will put a was of eye shadow on using one of my MUA palettes or my 24hr tattoo cream eyeshadow by Maybelline, but most of the time I don't bother!

Let me know what you think of these beauty posts and what else you'd like to see me do :)

Nottingham Haul

Friday, 26 July 2013

As most of you know, Last Thursday I went to Nottingham for my eldest brothers graduation. We arrived on Thursday, the Graduation was on Friday and we left on Saturday. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately due to the length of the ceremony and wopping heats, only two people could attend the graduation, which were of course my mum and dad, leaving me and my other brother (yes, I have two older brothers, feel sorry for me please) with a day to shop around Nottingham. I absolutely love Nottingham, both the shops and the town in general, it's a lot nicer than Ipswich for definite. My parents let me and Harry lose with their credit card - that took real guts! Thankfully we're nice children and used our own cards/money. I didn't really buy as much as I wanted to, nor expected - most shops were full of the leftover sale stuff. Although, the Primark up there is a lot bigger and better than the one I have in Ipswich, so I took advantage of that!

This isn't actually from Notts, I got it online when the Next sale began for half the original price. This is so me, cream and dainty! I loved these tops when they came in but at £28 I just couldn't justify that price!
DRESS - H&M £14.99
I'm pretty sure this dress was fate. The dress was on one of those hangers that just have loads of random things on and it was the only one, and in my size. I love the colour, cream - of course! And the aztec print. I've been after some new day dresses and this one is perfect and such a steal!!
I've finally bagged myself a pair of vintage dungarees! I've been after some like these for agees, but just haven't found any in shops in Ipswich. Thankfully Nottingham has a few second hand/vintage shops which had these beauties. They definitely need a few washes but they're just what I've been looking for! I'm planning on un-doing the stictching, cutting off a bit more of the legs and rolling them up again because they're still a little too long for my liking. The maxi skirt is just one of those holiday needs - it will be a nice thing to wear on a meal out in Lanzarote!
A few weeks ago at Ipswich's Music In The Park I saw so many people wearing these American styled tops and thought they looked so great as a more dressed down, casual, sporty look. I was going to ask my Nan to get me one of them while in America later this year but when I saw Primark were doing something very similar for jusy £6 I grabbed it straight away! I am loving this cropped polka dot shirt - I was after some plain tops with this shape but unfortunately this is the only one they have. I really can't wait to wear this although I have no idea how to style it as my jeans are too much of a light wash.. can you guys help me out?!
This is probably my favourite find. It's in coral - my favourite colour and will go perfectly with my high waisted skirt. I love the tropical print and think it's very similar to those found on high street brands like missguided (not actually on the highstreet, more online, but you catch my drift). I know they did matching trousers in this print, I just wish they had a skirt too because I love the two piece trend at the moment!

What's your favourite purchase of mine?

Chi Chi Maxi

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Earlier this week I recieved this goooorgeous dress from Chi Chi. Firstly I would like to apologise for the bad photo, we only took a digital camera away with us and to make it worse, the lighting in the room was awful! You can also tell from my facial expression I haven't got used to mum taking my photos for me yet. Hurry up tripod!!! On to the dress..  I knew straight away that I would wear it for our family meal celebrating my brothers graduation. It's so stunning, the ombre effect is perfect for summer and I can definitely seeing myself rocking it on Holiday later this year too. The shape of the dress really compliments me as I find I have slightly bigger hips so the bralet type top stops before them so the skirt can flow over the curves. It has a slit down the left leg making it that little bit sexier and also a bit easier to walk in! I also discovered later in the night, if you get a bit chilly you can pull up the skirt to make it a shawl - not reccomended in public though, you may get a few odd looks..



Urgh, I look at this photo and want to cry. How revolting. What's worse is that this was the best one taken - so you can only imagine how bad the other ones were. This was what I wore on Thursday night in Nottingham, we went for a meal in TGI Fridays, or as my parents call it - TIGF. It was a challenge trying to teach them that it's Thank God It's Friday therefore 'TGIF'. Anyway, I absolutely love this crop top mum got me for my birthday, it's coral - my favourite colour. It's just so pretty!! I couldn't be bothered to get too dressed up seeing as TGIF is a much more relaxed restaurant so opted for the Joni's and sandals.

Cheap and cheerful

Monday, 22 July 2013


You know that anger when you buy the most perfect piece of clothing and you take it home only to find you picked it up in the wrong size? That's exactly what happened with this dress. I got it when I went to Westfield a month or so ago and fell in love with it, not only because of the actual piece, but also the price - a mere £13. Happy with my purchase I took the train home and hung it in my wardrobe. It wasn't until now I tried it on and struggled to squeeze into it. I'd bought a size 6. Silly, silly Lucy. It was too late to return it and my Primark never stocked them in the first place anyway, so I decided to keep it and try and squeeze into it to get some wear out of it this summer, because there is no chance I'll fit in it next year!

I wore this to my Schools Sports presentation evening - it's an event that happens every summer and is always a lot of fun. People are awarded for different sports, as well as there being an overall year Sports personality and an overall school one too. I play Netball, Football, Basketball and Rounders for school and this year I won Basketball so it was nice to leave with a certificate! After the evening I'm super excited to start Sixth Form at school because they run sports academies. I'm going to be joining the Netball and Football academies which involves free kit, a fitness regime and free physio etc. It's all very exciting! It will be nice to hopefully 'up' my standards in sport and fitness overall!

Instagram Update #6

Sunday, 21 July 2013

nails for prom // prom!!!!!! // prom transport
music in the park // my mike hough tickets came!! // my flower for the wedding
bliss // my brothers and i at the wedding // on the beach
take me back to prom please // new purchases // ootd in nottingham

Blogroll #2

Saturday, 20 July 2013

I'm back from Nottingham!! I arrived back earlier today, so sorry for the lack of posts, but I do have three OOTD's to post this week as well as a beauty one. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight and sort out all of those posts for the upcoming week!

 I haven't done one of these posts in ages!! Actually it's 4 months.. oops? If you want to see my first post in this series you can see it here. If you don't know what this post is, it's basically to show you guys some of my favourite bloggers and hopefully introduce you to some new ones too!

 First up, Chloe from CHLOE WITTY. I would firstly like to say how much I laaaarve Chloe's layout. It's such a simple design but so smart.. I don't know, I'm just one of those people that want's things to look nice - some would say a perfectionist! I think a good blog layout will mean I'm far more likely to stay and look at the blog content. But then comes her posts and they just make everything even better. She mainly does OOTD posts with the occasional beauty/reviews. I love her style and tend to follow people who I can look at and imagine wearing the similar style, and I definitely can with Chloe. She has a great writing style and just overall great blog, oh and I've also recently subscribed to her new youtube which you can find the link to on her blog!

Next up, Lydia from LYDIA FAYE JONES. This girl is so gorgeous it makes me want to walk around with a paper bag over my head for the rest of my life. The other thing that comes to mind when I think of Lydia's blog is bright colours - in nearly every outfit she'll have a bright/neon peice and she always looks good in it. So not fair. Lydia's blog mainly consists of OOTD's with occasional wishlists and hauls etc. Lydia writes a bit about her outfits and the cothing she features which is also nice too.

Finally, Tilly-Jayne from TILLY-JAYNE. I really love Tilly-Jayne's style, it's quite girly and I can almost always see myself wearing the exact same. She knows exactly what goes well with what, and even if she didn't, I'm pretty sure she'd make it work whatever. I love the way she writes, she seems to write about the clothing aswell as giving a quick review on them sometimes too which is always helpful! I love her hair - it's so pretty and her blog is one you all need to check out!

I can't wait to get posting this week, I have 3 OOTD's, a haul and a Daily Make-up post so exciting stuff! Hope you've all had a great week,

Ebay Wishlist #4

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


It's a while since I did an Ebay Wishlist, I have to say it's my favourite post to read because of all the little gems you can find online! It seems I have a slight obsession for Paisley print in this wishlist, the jacket has got to be my all time favourite, the colours are so pretty and summery and I think it's something that could be both smart and casual. I'm also loving these styled belts right now, this one would look perfect with a high waisted skater skirt! Printed shorts are another love of mine right now, they're perfect for the summer heat! The gold iphone case is something I've been after for a while, it just looks so classy and expensive!! Finally the long chiffon cardi, I chose this purely because I've seen so many bloggers rocking it right now! It seems like a great cover up and would look perfect with some shorts and a crop.

It's a beautiful day for a wedding

Sunday, 14 July 2013


Yesterday was my cousins wedding, and what a beautiful day it was for it too! The last wedding I went to was my Grandmas and Step-Grandads and I was probably around the age of three then so you can imagine I didn't really know what to expect! Nevertheless, I was really looking forward to dressing up and catching up with the family.

The ceremony took place in a small church in the a village near me, and it was actually where my parents got married and where my Grandad, who I never met, was buried, so it was a very special place and was lovely to visit it for the first time. We then went to the reception which had the most beautiful grounds! We had photos, drinks and a hog roast to eat. My all time favourite part had to be the vintage ice cream van which served free ice cream for most of the night, you can probably understand my excitement!! Overall I had an ace night, it's nice that now I'm all grown up me and my my family and I mix a lot better. Now I'm looking forward to two days in Nottingham this week for my brothers Graduation with them! Me and Harry can't go to the actual graduation as there is only two seats per family, so Mum and Dad are obviously going while Harry and I go shopping.. WIN! Do any of you reccomend any shops to check out? I really want to find some nice vintage clothing shops as I know they have some and I don't have any in Ipswich! Comment if you reccomend anywhere please!

Hope you all have a great week,

Win £50 to spend at ASOS

Friday, 12 July 2013

I love every single one of my followers but unfortunately I'm on a very tight student budget right now unable to treat any of you with giveaways like most bloggers do. However, I will always take up the opportunity to treat one of you with collaboration giveaways! Recently I was contacted by an agency, Total Media who offer Media Planning and they offered me to give you guys a evoucher for any store worth £50. Of course I chose ASOS, because let's be honest, who doesn't love ASOS?!

Total Media's Media Planning Service allows your business to grow and boosts your online status, and also provides specialists who can look after your brand awareness and customer engagement. If you wish to know more about what they offer head over here right now!

To get in the spirit of this giveaway, I've made a little ASOS wishlist to show you all the goodies you could buy if you win!!

To enter the giveaway simply fill in the form below, you only have to be a follower of my Bloglovin however there are a few other sneaky ways to get you a few more entries!! This giveaway will end on the 20th July.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

This is real

Thursday, 11 July 2013


Apologies for the totally mundane outfit and repeat of the Joni Jeans! I've worn so many gorgeous outfits recently but just haven't had the time and sometimes energy to take photos of them. I either run out of time before I go or convince myself that I'll do it later, and of course I never do! Today the sun seemed to have dissapeared for a bit so I went for the Joni Jeans, although the real reason I went for these is because I was feeling super lazy and couldn't be bothered to shave my legs!! As it was still hot and I couldn't be bothered to make too much effort I chose to wear my primark crop tee - I can tell I'll be reaching a lot for these this summer, and added a pop of colour to the outfit with my favourite necklace!

On Saturday I'm going to cousins wedding which I'm super excited about, I've only ever been to one before and that was when I was a baby! I'm wearing my all time favourite lace dress so I'll definately get some snaps of that to show you guys! I'm also making it my mission to find myself a tripod for my camera because it's really starting to get tedious trying to balance it on windowsills!! I just want one that's cheap and does the job well, do you guys reccomend anything?

Summer Haul

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Another haul!! As you guys know from a previous post, I went to Westfield last Tuesday with mum to spend some of my Birthday money!
I didn't really buy that much when you think about it, most of it is Primark goodies! I have two basic crop tees which always come in handy, som cute print shorts for holiday, a slightly smarter spotty top (I must have a thing for spots at the moment, I bought a spotted top from the topshop sale last week!), a blouse which I debated over getting when it first came into the Ipswich store, and two floral headbands, one on elastic so I can wear it around a bun and one on an alice band. These are so pretty and I can't wait to rock them on Holiday!! From Topshop my mum bought me the Joni jeans as I got some for my birthday which were unfortunately too small! I also got the matching bracelet to the necklace I got in the topshop sale.. it's just too pretty!! I bought some more basics from New Look, some simple baggy cami's, I'm not sure what material these are but they look so elegant and just gorgeous with some shorts or jeans! Finally was favourite purchase, the wedges from H&M! I am so in love with this and was super happy when they fitted my abnormally skinny feet. I got them to wear for the wedding I'm off to in a few weeks!

Buying all of this stuff is definitely a big acheivement for me! I'm one of those shoppers that adores new clothes but has to think if they really, really need it before they spend. I hate spending money, regardless of whether I have a lot of it or not! What kind of shopper are you?

Festival Wear

Monday, 8 July 2013


Seeing as it's festival season I thought I would make up an outfit inspired by all those festivals! Unfortunately I'm not going to a festival this year, although I do have a gig coming up later this month! In this outfit I felt the wellies are a neccessity for those muddy times and a floral headband is always needed for a little bit of hippy chic. I went for some simple shorts with a cute design paired with a spotty bralet, the shorts are high waisted ensuring those, who like me, prefer to show less flesh can. Finally some cute pearl sunglasses. Festival wear has got to be my all time favourite style because you can really go all-out with it! I don't quite have the confidence to wear some pieces like the extravagant headbands and sunglasses, but with festivals, you can totally pull it off and get away with it.

Did anyone see Glastonbury last week? How amazing was Mumford and Sons set?


Saturday, 6 July 2013

For the last five years of high school I have spent endless hours scrolling through prom dress websites and facebook photos of those in the years above proms and last night I finally got to celebrate prom myself! I had the most gooorgeous neon pink prom dress which was exactly what I'd imagined when thinking of the perfect dress, my hair was in some simple curls on one side, nothing too fancy and my heels were meant to be a lovely sparkly sandal however somehow I ended up wearing my wedges I will feature in a haul post soon. They were a lot more comfortable and I could actually walk in them which is always good!! I travelled with my friends Alex and Alice in a pink VW campervan which was just adorable! I enjoyed the night so much, I partied hard and was on the dance floor for most of the evening. (Go hard or go home, right?!?) I then continued to party hard after a quick trip home to change as we then all met up on the Heath! Yes, at 1:30am the heath is terrifying, but it was good fun! I then stayed around my friends Nickey and didn't get to sleep until 4 so I am definitely feeling it today. Since returning home I've slept and showered but I think only time can cure this awful tiredness and headache.

As you can tell I had an awesome night, it was a fantastic way to celebrate these last 5 years. I'm really looking forward to having the most freaking awesome summer with my best friends!


Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Yes, I have finally jumped on the Joni Jeans bandwaggon, even if I am months late! I've been after these jeans for ages now because I love anything high waisted and I've got the topshop Leigh Jeans which I really like. My lovely mum bought me these in London after getting a pair for my birthday but needing a longer length! I wore this outfit yesterday when I popped out to get my prom dress (eeek!) hence the little make-up. I'm trying to keep a clear face so I can wear minimum foundation on Friday because nobody likes to cake it on, especially for a big event like this! I also wore my new sandals from Next which I totally fell in love with when I saw online. I think they're one of those pairs which you'll never get bored of. They'll be out every summer until they fall to pieces! What do you think of the beloved Joni Jeans?

Blog Revamp!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, the lovely Kate from kateswardrobex has been working on a brand new blog layout for me. Although I loved my last design, I decided I wanted something much more simplistic and with a black and white colour scheme. Being an absolute hopless case with HTML and CSS I decided to get some help!
I am so happy with what Kate has done for me, it's just like I imagined and she was super helpful. If any of you are looking for a new design I would definitely reccomend her!!

A blog revamp means new everything, including my blog button! I have redesigned my button to fit with my new design and if you want to feature it on your blog you can do by copying and pasting the code below:

Lucy Cole // UK Fashion, Style and Beauty blog
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Lucy Cole // UK Fashion, Style and Beauty blog"><img src="" alt="Lucy Cole // UK Fashion, Style and Beauty blog" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

I feel now that I'm happy with my layout I'm going to have even more motivation to blog more. Remember it's my prom on Friday so expect lots of pictures at the weekend!

What do you think of the new design?