Instagram Update #5

Sunday, 30 June 2013

dog walk // good to see my boys The Wanted again after 11 months!! // ootd

safe to say i worked my tits off for my exams! // ootn for alices party // alice's fit new shoes 

topshop sale ily // new blog post // new fave necklace

can't go to london without getting a krispy kreme // my best friends // best shoes ever

I am seriously loving my time off school. I'm so excited to have the best summer ever!! I have a busy week this week of another birthday celebration and PROM! Not only am I excited about those, but the lovely Kate from kateswardrobex is designing a new blog layout for me! As much as I love mine currently, I feel like I need a change and refresh, and I want to go back to the simple, minimum layout look. I've considered changing my url to 'fashionsgreatescape' as I've had it saved for a while although I'm still not 100% sure what direction I'm going to be going in with my blog and I feel like if I make my url fashion based it restricts me to posting other things I enjoy like beauty and lifestyle. What do you think?

Revision free haul!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

As mentioned in my OOTD post on Monday, recently I popped to town for a well needed shopping spree. I hadn't been shopping in something ridiculous like 5 to 6 weeks! It's safe to say I was shopping deprived!! Here's what i got..


I was super happy to find out the sales were on and I managed to pick up some beauties from Topshop, the crop top cost me only £8 and it was something I originally wanted when it was first released! I am a massive of Topshop jewellery but I'm a girl who would rather buy clothes than accessories and can never justify Topshops prices, so whenever theres a sale I'm straight to the jewellery stand! I first picked up these lovely simple coloured rings which come in silver, gold, rose gold and black, but for some reason the black one is way smaller than the rest! The other thing I picked up was this gorgeous necklace, it's a beautiful neon orangy pink rose with crystals and spikes. I also got a cute thumb ring from River Island, although I'll probably wear it as a normal ring!

Onto beauty, the main thing I went into superdrug to get was the much raved about Bourjous foundation! I also wanted to try out the cream blushes so I picked up one of those in Nude Velvet and lucky for me Bourjous were having 3 for 2 so I picked up a lipstick in Shade 10. It's a super bright red with a hint of orange in it, I'm not a massive lippy fan and this is way too bright for me, so it's definitely one that I'll just prance around the house in pretending to be Marilyn Monroe until I'm able to apply it properly and look average! I then went to boots and picked up another pair of fake eyelashes and a La Roche Posay Moisteriser. I'm not 100% sure on what one it is, only that it helps with redness! I realised as I went to find the link for this that I picked up a different one to the one I had planned to get! Oops! None the less, I'm loving it at the moment! Finally I got a Garnier Make-up remover and toner as they were on two for one! I've heard a lot of good things about the make-up remover so of course I had to give it a go myself!

Would you like to see any reviews on these things?

Summer loving

Thursday, 27 June 2013


As Summer is approaching, it's time to find myself some new bikini's which will only have a week's wear because England doesn't get any sun, but nonetheless I need some! I tend to go with cheap and cheerful bikini's, purely by the fact I'll only wear it a few times, no-one will see me when I'm abroad and they'll soon be ruined by chlorine and suncream. I've decided to be a bit daring and buy some of these hipster style bottoms which are in this year, normally I wouldn't have bought some but this coral bikini from Asos was just too beautiful to ignore. I also got this simple anchor one from Sainsburys because it was cheap and does the job well! Normally I buy Primark jobbies because any make of bikini, expensive or not, will eventually discolour and stretch before long!! I also find H&M do a beautiful job!! 

Maybe I'll get drunk again

Monday, 24 June 2013


Very tramp-like outfit post today, but weirdly I love it! This was from Saturday when I popped to town with Alice just to relieve myself from my months of no shopping as revision has been the priority!! I managed to bag myself a few bargains in the topshop sale and also got a few make-up bits including the much raved about Bourjous foundation! I'm thinking of doing a haul post sometime in the next week or so because I'd love to share with you what I got!

A little life update..

Saturday, 22 June 2013

I'm always a little reluctant to do lifestyle posts as this is a fashion and beauty blog after all, but I feel like it's nice to keep all my followers updated with everything that's happening right now and these last few months have been very eventful so it's time to share!!

First of all, yesterday my summer officially began after I finished my final exam!! All 14 are over and done with and I now have 10 weeks of fun and revision-free! It's such a relief to be free and not having to worry or stress about anything now. I put a lot of work into my exams and I'm hoping for good results to get into Sixth Form, now it's just a waiting game!

Secondly, on Thursday I travelled all the way to High Wycombe to attend The Wanted's 'An Audience With The Wanted' event. As you probably already know (especially if you follow my twitter) I am a massive fan for The Wantd and have been for the last 3 years, I've realised now that it's not just one of those 'phases'. Both fortunately and unfortnately, I chose the life of a fangirl and I'm stuck with it!! Anyway, the night involved a question and answer session, a short film of the boys journey over the last 3 years and an acoustic performance. I was lucky enough to ask the boys a question and get a quick hug and kiss from Jay and Siva! Here's my picture, although it's pretty bad!

Siva, Jay (my favourite!), Me, Tom, Max and Nathan
This was my 3rd time of meeting the boys apart from Jay who I was lucky enough to bump into in Nottingham after one of their gigs last year!! I could honestly write so much about these boys because they mean the absolute world to me and have taught me many life lessons. It's strange how one boyband can mean so much to you, I never expected to be just another one of those many teenage fangirls!

I was a little naughty considering I went to that instead of revising for my Further Maths exam the next day, but hey, who even likes math anyway?!

As for what's yet to come, I have a lot of exciting things to happen! This weekend I'm celebrating my best friends 16th, on Tuesday I'm off to Westfeild to spend my birthday money, in 2 weeks I have my prom and then hopefully I have weeks of sun, sleep and just generally enjoying my time off! I'm especially excited for my prom, I'll definitely feature a post on here because I can't wait to show you all my dress!!

I hope you found that little update interesting, let me know if you'd like to see more lifetsyle posts on here! What exciting things have you guys got to look forward to?

Review: Proactive Skincare

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Proactive boxset - £24.95

A few weeks ago my mum offered to buy me this proactive set after seeing it on offer for around £20 on TV. I have a lot of trouble with my skin, I've tried so many products and although some help slightly, I've never found anything that works just for me. It's always been said that the best skincare routine is to cleanse, tone and moisturize so I gave Proactive's set a go. I've been using this set for probably about 2 weeks which may not necessarily be long enough to have any dramatic effects but I have an opinion on it already, if this opinion changes I will do an updated post!

The set has five products: A cleanser, toner, day lotion, night lotion and refining mask. I love how each product has a number on it and either a day or night icon, it's super handy when you're tired and not sure what one to use. The set also had a 'Face Facts' booklet which taught me a few things on how to improve my skin, most of it I already knew though.

The cleanser is a greeny-blue colour with tiny granules in to open the pores up. I use a Body Shop cleaner designed for blackheads on my nose occasionally and find this helped a lot, however this particular cleanser & routine seemed to have no effect on my blackheads what so ever. Like most of the products in the pack, the cleanser doesn't seem to have much of a scent. If it does, it's slightly chemically rather than a nicer sweet, fruit smell. Only a small amount is needed and the product is rubbed in circular motions all over the dampened face. It is then rinsed off with some lukewarm water.

Next is the toner. I have never used a toner before so I'm not the best person to review it. Regardless of this, the product is a greeny colour and only a few drops is needed. Again, it has a slightly chemically scent. I apply this with a couple of drops on a cotton pad after drying my face with a towel. I then let it air dry before the next step.

The third step is the moisturiser.  There are two different moisturisers, a morning one and an evening one. The difference between these two is that the morning one has tea tree oil whereas the night one has retinol.
I'm going to be completely honest and say I have no idea what these do, although I've used a lot of tea tree oils before. Both of the moisturisers sink well into the skin and only a little is needed to cover the whole face. One thing that really irritated me was how easily the night time one comes out of the tube. It has such a huge nozzle and, on multiple occasions, I've squirted a ridiculously large amount out by accident.

The final product, which is not part of the routine is the face mask. My initial thought on this was the smell. It was horrible. It's hard to describe but it wasn't chemical-y nor fruity. It was just a bit yuck. The product is fairly thick but can be applied with a thin layer and it is left for around ten minutes until is hardens. It is more of a clay mask rather than a peel off. Like the rest of the products, after applying it I didn't see any major effects.

Overall, I'm not particularly impressed with the proactive skincare set and haven't seen any changes in my skin, I'm really disappointed because I had high hopes and believed this would cure me of my troubles! If anything, I have more spots and I'm not even sure that I'll continue with the routine.

What are your favourite cleansers, toners and moisturisers?

Beauty Wishlist #2

Thursday, 13 June 2013



I'm hoping by the time this scheduled post goes up I've got some of these beauties. I'm so drowned in revision right now I think I'm going to be needing a good make-over to cover up all my stressed skin. I have a serious problem with breaking out in stress which is horrible considering it's the time of the year where you want to keep foundation to a minimum! I think I might just have to splurge with some of my Birthday money at some point. For some reason I always find it harder to splurge on make-up than I do with clothes, maybe because I have absolutely no idea how to do make-up, but I can at least try to make fashion work? I'm still yet to buy my first ever mac product. This is probably because one - we have no mac stand in any Ipswich shops and two - I feel so intimidated going up to any of the ladies on the stand!! Is this just me?


Monday, 10 June 2013

Dress* - Missi Clothing // Shoes - New Look

Last week I was kindly sent this gooooorgeous dress from Missi Clothing. Missi Clothing, who are located in Manchester, UK,  are a fashion wholesale selling to both the highstreet and independent shops. Find them on Twitter here and Instagram here.

I adore this dress. It's definitely something I would pick up if I saw it in a shop. I love nude clohing, although find it looks a lot better on those darker toned. I can't wait to wear this when I go to Lanzarote in August because I can just see how perfect it will look with a tan! *Hallelujah* I'm also wearing different shoes for once!!!!! (An overuse of exclamation marks is necessary). I wasn't expecting these to go with it but actually the brown works really well. I also have a new pair of brown sandals that I can pair with this on Holiday! Is it bad that I'm already planning outfits for a holiday 2 months away? Oops.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm not actually sure when GFC is meant to close down, but I remember it being soon, so just to make sure I don't lose any of you fabulous readers I thought I'd link you over to my Bloglovin. Please follow me via Bloglovin right HERE!

I'm Loving.. Pastels

Thursday, 6 June 2013



The best thing about Spring/Summer, for me, is pastels. It's my all time favourite trend and I've always been a big fan of anything in the cute, dainty shades. Can somebody please make it acceptable to wear them all year round? Another reason why I la la laaaarve them so much is because of how freaking great they look with a tan. Although, unless you're going abroad this summer, it's pretty hard to get one in England. I chose to add these cute models own nail varnishes in this post because you probably already know, but, they're only friggin' scented! How awesome is that?! I need to get my hands on these beauties pronto. I'm fed up of the boring dark winter nail colours now. I actually started wearing pretty colours back in January. Can you tell I'm a hater of Winter and lover of Summer?

Travel Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe Competition

Monday, 3 June 2013

On Thursday I was nominated to take part in Travel Superarket's Worldwide Wardrobe competition and I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before, by the looks of it, it's been flying all over the blogosphere recently! All you have to do is select an outfit of under £200 for one, two, three, four or all five of the different catergories which are either cities or countries. The destinations are Shopping In London, Cocktails in New York, Sightseeing in Paris, Clubbing in Ibiza and a Full Moon Party in Thailand. And the prize?? Only a blooming holiday for the location you win AND £200 to buy your outfit!! How awesome is that? Of course I couldn't resist so below are my entries..



Beginning with London, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this outfit. London is all about a mix of fashion and comfort, from all my shopping and concert trips to the great city I know how important comfy shoes are, the city is big and there's a lot of walking, so these are a must!! I decided to go with the casual, boho style with this look, I am in love with all the dunagree's at the moment and this dress is a great feminine alternative. I stuck with the girly theme to add a cute embroided top and the most adorable daisy headband (these are one of my favourite things about summer). I added a lovely leather bag, vintage sunglasses and simple rings. I may have been a bit optimistic about not getting a jacket and forgotten that London is still in England and the chances are that it'll probably rain, but that's just an excuse to buy even more on the trip to get one, right?



Now onto Paris. To me, Paris is all about fashion. It's the capital of la mode (look at me being all fancy and putting in some of my french in there). I knew this outfit had to be class, class, class. It's not necessarily the best for sightseeing, but it's definitely Paris. With this outfit I chose the monochrome with a pop on colour theme. I tried to keep it as simple as possible so it wasn't too overloaded which is why I've gone against having a necklace or any bracelets. These trousers would look beautiful with the cami tucked in and the heels bring a bit more class, although they're still practical. The jacket adds that pop of colour to contrast with the rest of the look and would look beautiful on or just hanging on the shoulders like those oh-so-classy people do. The bag is a must, ensuring everything you needed for the day was in, and the simple design just adds to the simple, classy look.



Finally, Ibiza, one of the biggest party locations in the world. Of course this outfit called for a bit of flesh, heels and splash of bright lippy. I am loving the bold print of these shorts so decided again, to keep the rest fairly simple. This bralet means those people who are like me and don't like too much belly showing, don't need to. I love wearing high waisted bottoms with crop tops because it means you're able to still wear the crops, just a lot more comfortably. The heels are to die for and the detailing of them reminds me of all those neon statement necklaces around at the moment. I matched the clutch and sunglasses, and added a big statement gold cuff, and of course the bright red lippy. It's a must for nights out!

What outfit is your favourite? Have you entered the competition?

Stay Out Tonight

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dress - Chi Chi* // Flats - Topshop

Bit of a different scenery today, the sun decided to pop out so I dragged mum out and experimented a bit, hence the awful poses! How beautiful is this dress? It's such a gorgeous colour and the detail is beautiful. I'm really considering wearing this to my cousins wedding in July. I really wanted to wear my prom heels with this as they'd go perfectly but unfortunately my entire prom outfit is under wraps until the big night, so the old favourite studded flats had to come out! Speaking of prom, I got my dress fitted yesterday!! I just want the big night to be here now!!