It's like you're my mirror

Friday, 29 March 2013


Definitely not sure on this outfit.. I saw somebody working a midi skirt and denim jacket at school a while ago and thought it looked great so had a go myself, but unfortunately I don't have a midi skirt and Primark didn't either, so I improvised! I chucked my favourite midi dress underneath but feel like maybe I need a skirt so I can tuck the top in slightly? I'm not sure. It's certainly fun experimenting with my clothes though, it's not something I do a lot!

I am officially on my Easter Holidays! Two whole weeks off to sleep, eat and blog. Oh, and revise for my 14 exams I have soon approaching :( Got some good news yesterday though, I managed a total of 49/50 on both of my Geography coursework pieces.. let's just hope I can live up to the family tradition and get my A* over all!

Hope you guys have a brilliant Easter, I personally can't wait to stuff my face with chocolate and crisps, I'm actually very surprised and proud that I managed to give both up for lent. Mum and I are making a super chocolaty dessert for Sunday.. anyone have any suggestions?

Collective Haul

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I'm back from my revision/activity weekend away and on to scheduling posts again! I had so much fun while away, we stayed in a gorgeous Tudor home spending Friday, Saturday and Sunday revising and doing all sorts of activities like Archery and Blinded Trails. Although I wouldn't recommend opening a loft hatch when you're in a very old, creepy and possible haunted house!! But now it's back to work, work, work. I managed to get my Geography coursework done last week and on Friday I did my much dreaded French speaking exam and got an A! I'm just grateful I don't have to do it again! As always, I will apologise again for the lack of posts.. If I want a future I better start revising!!

The majority of these things I bought when I went to Westfield to buy my Prom shoes, eee! I wish I could show you them because they're gorgeous, but like my dress, I'm keeping everything under wraps until the night! I've already featured the disco pants in two OOTD posts and the dork tee is scheduled for one soon! I know a lot of people don't like these tee's but I love them, and for £4 I couldn't resist. They're simple, stylish, comfy and a fraction of Topshops price. I struggled to take a photo where I did the maxi dress justice, at just £16 I knew I had to buy it for summer. I love maxi dresses because I think they're so elegant and beautiful to wear at night, but are just as good in the day. I carried on my Barry M obsession and bought 2 more gelly's and 1 textured varnish. The earrings were simply a bargain. I got the brush because I wanted a proper buffing brush to apply my foundation and currently this one is great! I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and seeing as the collection concealer was sold out, I thought I'd give this one a go. Finally, I bought the primer after seeing a few people buying various ones and deciding I should try some, review on this soon!!

I'm Loving.. Dungarees!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


I am totally in love with the current Dungarees trend. Although I already have myself a pair from last Summer, I think I may have to purchase some new ones. I think they're great with blouses underneath, but my favourite way of wearing them has to be with crop tops, it's such a casual look and reminds me a bit of a painter (?!?!), in a good way, of course. I also really love how you can get some to look super smart like number 5 which are perfect for office wear, I can see it working beautifully with a blouse underneath, a clutch and heels! I currently have a saved search for dungarees on ebay because you can find some gorgeous vintage ones for a fraction of these prices!

Review: The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

Thursday, 21 March 2013

I love a good face mask, and I'm not really sure why I've only ever bought the one-use packets. Before Christmas I did a massive haul on the Body Shop website for Christmas gifts and a few bits for myself. This clay mask claims to cleanse skin and control excess oil by refreshing, clarifying and drawing out impurities. The product itself is quite thick but easy to spread over the skin and only needs to be thin. It smells lovely great too.You can instantly see all your pores when it's applied. It dries within 10 minutes to form a hard mask, some don't like masks that harden like this, I however, aren't bothered. After this time you simple wash it off with a flannel and luke warm water. It comes off fairly easily but can leave my flannel pretty dirty which can be annoying if it's just been washed. The results after using the mask is instant. My face feels soft instantly, doing a job any moisturiser would, and pores along with blackheads have disappeared or reduced. I use it once a week, normally only ever after I bath at the weekends.. it's when I like to relax and pamper myself! However it recommends you use it once to twice a week.

Overall I think this is a great product and does exactly what it claims to. My skin improves instantly. It is slightly more on the pricey size but I think that's purely because it's a tub and will last a good few months.

What's your favourite face mask?

Ebay Wishlist #2

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


The third of my Ebay wishlist's. I have been wanting one of this leather sleeve coats for a while now but I just think it's far too late to get one and I doubt I'd get enough wear out of it, however if I'm still dying to get one next Winter I've promised myself I will splurge out. I la la laaaarve this floral jumper, I've seen them around recently and they're just so pretty and look fab dressed up or down. I'm considering getting some bold trousers this Spring because I'm not usually 'out there' with what I wear and I don't like to stand out too much, but maybe I should start taking a few more risks!! 

Blogroll #1

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I've decided to start sharing with you guys my favourite blogs because there are so many brilliant ones out there which I think deserve to be well known. I'm going to be posting three of my favourite blogs every month or couple of weeks to maybe help you find some new ones, because I always love finding blogs but struggle to find ones that post things similar to me. They may be blogs with thousands of followers or with just a few hundred, they're simply ones I adore. A quick obvious point, all the photos are obviously not mine, they belong to the blogs I mention, I have simply printscreened to give you guys a preview! So let's go!

First up has to be my all time favourite blog: SCHADENFREUDE. I've been following Alice ever since I started blogging, before I stopped and started again and I just adore everything about her blog. She does so many OOTD's which inspire me a lot, but also occasionally some reviews and posts about her recent purchases. Her layout is brilliant and she is certainly my most visited blog.

Second is Chloe at UNWRITTEN HOLLYWOOD. I've also been following Chloe for a while and I love her OOTD posts. She posts very frequently which I always like in a blog. I would say her blog is mainly fashion but she does occasionally post a few beauty reviews which is great. Her blog is pleasing to the eye too!

Lastly is Nicola at THE FASHION DISTRICT. Another blog I've been following for absolutely agesss. As you can probably tell from her blog name, she posts fashion, mostly OOTD's and a few purchase's posts. I'm in love with Nicola's style, she always posts the recent trends with high street fashion which I find great considering I can't afford much else.

So that's it! My first blogroll. Hopefully you've found this helpful and you can enjoy the blogs that I do! Comment below and let me know what your favourite blogs are and drop me your link so I can check them out!

Quick life catchup and I ask for a favour

Saturday, 16 March 2013

First, I ask for a big favour from you guys. As you guys know on Monday I entered China Doll Boutiques competition and I've been shortlisted!! To win my whole outfit all I have to do is have the most likes on the Facebook photo. Please help me out and like my photo right HERE!! I really appreciate it!

I also thought I would take this post as an opportunity to update you guys with what's happening in my life right now, as I feel that's an important part of blogging! Most of you know my lack of posts at the moment is because of my great amount of schoolwork and revision I've been doing. My GCSE's are fast approaching and it's mad to think in just over 2 months I will be leaving school for good. This week has been particularly stressful having a French speaking exam to memorize, a piece of geography coursework that has a very tight deadline and a history piece too. I even went into school today and I've spent 7 hours on work! Although I am coping and I am determined to do well! I feel it's appropriate to add a nice quote here..

Next week I am going away on a School Residential which should be fun. We do different activities and revise a bit too, but I'm just excited to relive my France school trip in Year 9 where we stayed up all night and ate sugary, awful food. Unfortunately chocolate and crisps wont be involved in any midnight snacks as I am still going strong with Lent, I can't believe it's been nearly 5 weeks without any!
Finally, I have one or two exciting blogging things planned, a lovely American blogger has been in contact and we're talking about doing a beauty swap! I really feel like after my exams my blog is going to get so much better and open me up to even more fabulous opportunities.

Hope you guys are all doing well,

What about us?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I really couldn't live without my denim jacket. It is my all time favourite item of clothing, if double denim worked, I would literally live in it. Believe it or not, this is my first crop top. I don't really feel comfortable showing much belly flesh but I figured I could simply wear high waisted bottoms, so I paired this simple cropped tee with my disco pants, denim jacket and chain. I really wanted to wear this to Lawson last Saturday but figured it wasn't quite appropriate considering it was snowing. English weather needs to sort it out!! 

China Doll Boutique

Monday, 11 March 2013

A while back China Doll Boutique announced a competition where they would pay for a whole outfit designed around one/some of their products. I had a little nose on the website and really struggled to pick something because everything was so lovely. In the end I opted for a simple studded blouse as I've been after one for ages! And you know how I love my studs, hence the studded boots and bag.  In my outfit, I've chucked it with the gorgeous Topshop boyfriend that is oh so gorgeous but oh so pricey, the very popular  Joni jeans, a cute wing hand chain (I also have an obsession with wings), studded boots and a studded drawstring bag. I can just imagine this outfit now.. *sigh*

Instagram Update #2

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hey guys! I am super stressed at the moment, I've got to somehow get my Geography coursework done by the 22nd of this month with only 2 proper lessons left, I have history coursework to do, some peer mentoring award written work, my French speaking exam to learn AND any homework which I get thrown at with too! So much stress! On the up side, on Thursday I got my exam results back where I got an A in History and a C in French, so I'm super happy that I can take the higher paper for French and have one less History exam to take in summer! I also went to see Lawson yesterday who were AMAZING! Although I am never queuing from 11:30 in the morning again, I was frozen!! Surely it's about time we got some sun and Spring-like weather?! Anyway, here's my instagram update..

Ryan from Lawson / Candlelit dinner with Mummy / OOTN / Hand warmers are a god sent for Netball Matches / New Office City Bag (which I have to keep until September:( ) / One year since I met The Wanted / Love a good cuppa / Being ill and watching THG / My baby boy / Love Pinkberry / Curly hair / Wreck This Journal / Stir fry pro / Parcels make me happy / Love S&G / Primark you beauty

In Love With Fashion

Friday, 8 March 2013


Recently e-tailpr teamed up with In Love With Fashion to run a competition to win £200 in the store! Being myself, I can't resist a good competition, especially when a clothes voucher is involved! We were asked to make a wishlist and I never expected to struggle so much! In Love With Fashion has some amazing items which are perfect for Summer, they're very up to date with the latest trends and I'm very impressed!

I never expected to pick so many lace pieces in this, I just have a bit of an obsession I guess?! I have to say, my favourite item of all nine has to be the draped back dress, it's so simple but can be super sexy too. I also love the floral bomber. I'm currently on the hunt for a bomber for spring which can be put on for a bit of a cover-up and for warmth purposes, and with the spring/summer floral trend, this one is perfect. I can imagine it with a pretty plain outfit to bring a bit of excitement! Finally, the playsuit in number eight is so simple but I've seen a lot of people rocking these recently, pairing it with a belt to bring it in at the waist, it just looks so sophisticated!

If you fancy entering this competition you can do so here.

Style Crush #1

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My first Style Crush post! Mary Kate and Ashley are my ultimate style crushes. Not only are they the most gorgeous girls ever, they are also possibly the most fashionable too. Every time I see a new photo of them my heart drops. They always know what works for them and constantly pull something amazing out of the bag. I'd struggle to give their style a name as it differs so much. They consistently manage to stay on trend and even have their own fashion line. Not only do they dress great, they always have the perfect hair and make-up too. I love the fact they're young too because it inspires younger people like me to be out there and not be afraid to dress differently.

Who are your style crushes?

Supermarket Wishlist #1

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Firstly.. How awesome does my blog look? The lovely Zoe at Sweet Electric offered to design my blog for free, and I am SO happy with the result! Isn't it just gorgeous?! I am very, very grateful! I have also designed myself a new blog button which you can find on the sidebar to the right. I'm looking to maybe swap a few buttons with my followers so if you fancy swapping, leave a comment, email me or contact me with any of the links in my sidebar. I am happy to design a blog button to fit your sidebar! Now, onto my post..

The other day I had an idea to do a blog post on some Supermarket clothing, which I've never seen before. The main supermarkets in the UK are Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda etc. and I'm pretty sure these are the equivalent to Walmart in the US. Stores like these don't exactly have the best clothes as they're more well known for selling groceries, but they do actually sell some beautiful, on-trend items, for a fraction of the clothing store prices! My favourite pieces in this wishlist is the bomber jacket and clutch. I love bomber jackets at the moment and definitely think they're a big trend this spring/, along with this boucle print! Secondly. this clutch is so pretty and elegant, I love the cut-out detail and think it makes it a little bit more exciting than just a plain black clutch. All in all, I think there is some pretty good buys in Supermarkets, don't you?

Oops I did it again

Friday, 1 March 2013


Yesterday I was home ill, missing 4 hours worth of coursework, I was pretty angry considering I'm never ill! I also completely ruined the layout of my blog, which angered me some more, but thankfully I made it look acceptable, for now. A lovely follower has offered to design my blog for free so I'm super happy about that and feel very lucky. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

I figured the title of this post was appropriate. Re-entering the blogging world certainly hasn't done my bank balance any good. After watching many haul videos and reading many blog posts I was craving a trip to town for a good old Primark haul and search for a collared blouse. I am very happy with my purchases, especially as I only spent £30, thanks to my Mum paying for a few bits. I also bought a Primark collared top that's black, sleeveless and sheer with panthers on the collar, but totally forgot about it and didn't put it in this photo!

 I was so happy when I found the necklace as I've really been wanting a statement necklace, I am also addicted to these cross earrings too!! I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get a Tangle Teezer and the very popular Blueberry Barry M nail. I saw the top in London a few weeks ago and regretted not buying it, so it was obvious I had to get it when it was in my local shop. Finally, super cosy tights. All I can say is bravo Primark, bravo. The warmest, comfiest, best tights I have ever worn.