Goodbye 2013...

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The New Year is fast approaching and I can honestly say 2013 has been an amazing year. The year started as very daunting for me, It was my final year of High School and my GCSE's were fast apporaching. I took my French and History tests in January and also found out I'd got my A on my Maths paper which was the shock of the century! Stress only built up more as summer soon approached but I am so proud of myself, I kept my head down and worked hard, and despite trecking all the way to High Wycombe to meet The Wanted the day before my last exam, I passed every subject and got mainly A's and B's along with a couple a*'s! The next few months were probably the best I've had, we were work free for a whole 11 weeks, and boy did I make the most of it! I'd been dreaming of my prom ever since High School and I finally got to experience it. I dressed up in my beautiful prom dress and felt like a real-life princess. Summer only got better from then - lot's of meeting up with friends and making of memories and of course my holiday to Lanzarote with my family! Although time soon flew by as I began Sixth Form. I've had so much fun at Sixth Form so far which has really surprised me - I really enjoy everything I'm doing and I've never been more motivated to do well and do my family proud with my A-Levels! And here we are now a few days from 2014. I really do wonder where time goes? I'm sure I was only leaving Primary School a few months ago!  Below (not in order) are a few of my highlights from 2013..
weekend away at kingswood with the school
halloween party (before the 'sober as a pencil' dancing!)
copleston U16's football team last game of the season

seeing mike hough do his thaaaaang and meeting him at soho in London
last sports fixture of high school!!
last day of school - and my birthday!!
my 16th birthday celebrations
my brothers and I at our cousins wedding
meeting the wanted at 'an audience with the wanted'
PROM! (i'm in the neon pink)
goodbye meal with the girls

It's crazy thinking about everything that's happened this year, and how much you forget happens, thank goodness for Facebook and it's photo's! I know I've forgotten so much still, but I suppose that's a good thing because so much has happened in a year!

2013 has also been a big year for my blog. I started blogging regularly and made a real commitment to it. It's crazy to think I'm over halfway to 1000 followers now. I'm super excited to continue blogging in the new year and really want to develop my blog further. Thank you so much to all my amazing followers/readers for making blogging and this page such a big part of my life now, you all make me so happy knowing that you're actually interested in me and what I wear or what beauty products I'm loving etc. and reading your comments really do make my day. Hopefully 2014 will involve meeting some of you guys!

I really do wish you all the best for 2014. Let's make it the best bloomin' year yet!

Loads and loads of love,

Instagram Update #14

Sunday, 29 December 2013

 union j tickets came!! // coca cola lorry // swaggy shoes
 going to sixth form dressed as an elf // candle lit bath // christmas decs
 lush christmas pud bath bomb // the aftermath // santa bought me some new curlers!!
christmas dinner, spot the little tinker at the end!! // mum randomly got me Naked 3 palette, say whaat?! // feeling cosy

It's been a fun few weeks - I'm so gutted Christmas is over, but I'm also excited to see what 2014 brings me. Yesterday my mum randomly gave me an envelope and said 'Santa didn't want it to get broken in your stocking' and of course I opened it only to find the bloomin Naked 3 palette!!! I was so shocked because Mum had told me she hadn't got me a Naked palette and I definitely wasn't expecting any of them because of the price, let alone the newest one! Today I'm spending my day preparing a review post to go up sometime next week hopefully. I really can't wait to start using it!

Hope you've all had a fab week, 

Party season

Saturday, 28 December 2013

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Firstly, complete off topic - please help me out by answering the poll on the right hand side of my blog, I'd really appreciate your help and suggestions! I realise it might be a bit late for party dresses now, but I couldn't resist picking out a few of my favourite partywear dresses for this season. I absolutely love looking at all the glitz and glamour dresses at this time of the year, despite the fact I barely ever go to parties. I feel like NYE and Christmas are some of the very few times you can wear the sparkliest outfit ever and get away with it. The Topshop Sequin Velvet Dress has to be one of my favourites which is very similar to a popular Motel number. The varying blue-green sequins is just gorgeous. If you want something a bit less figure hugging then maybe number 2, the New Look Black and Gold Glitter Trim Tunic might me more up your street. It has a slight gold shimmer but it's not so in your face as some of the others, I also love the fact it already has a necklace with it - one less thing to worry about! What's even better is that it's currently on sale for £16.00. BARGAIN. If you prefer not to look like a glitter ball,  the Dorothy Perkins Gold Organza Dress is ideal. Although here is looks much more like a champagne shade, It's still glam enough for any party but a lot more subtle!

Have you got any parties planned? What one would you choose?

December favourites

Friday, 27 December 2013


Firsly, I hope you lot had a lovely Christmas! I ended up celebrating it all yesterday as my mum was working Christmas day, and I had so much fun! Although, I'm super confused about the days now as today feels like Boxing day..

I always end up forgetting to do monthly favourites, but being the last month of 2013, I couldn't miss out! It's finally reached the cold temperatures and wearing a hat is appropriate - this beanie from asos is perfect, I hate those ones that droop off your head!! I've also been living in this necklace from primark - it's a dupe of a topshop one I think, it just goes with pretty much everything. I've got into the habit of using my make-up beauty blender sponge again, after loosing my last one I got this ne from Superdrug, I just always find sponges work so much better than brushes on my skin! The cold weather makes my lips mega dry and although I hated this mango Body Shop lip balm at first I've loved it recently, it's very moisturising and gives a lovely shine too. I've fallen into the bad, bad, bad trap of bloggers candle loving - this is my first yankee candle and I haven't stopped burning it since I got it. I can tell it's going to be a great feeling when it's finished! Finally, I've had Union J playing in my ears not stop for the last month. My best friend and I have got VIP tickets to meet the boys in January in my hometown and you can't go to a concert without knowing the words can you?! My favourites are 'Amaze Me' and their cover of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper'!

The Christmas tag!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

I've seen a few varities of the Christmas tag floating around the blogosphere recently, so I've decided to jump on the bangwagon and do this one I found. It was a lot of fun and it's nice to do one final festive post before the big day!

What time of the year do you start your Christmas shopping?
Normally December, I'm super unorganised but this year I had an excuse, I had mocks the first week of December so I was forced not to think about Christmas until those were out of the way!

Do you have any festive recipes for food or drink you limit solely to the Christmas season to share?
Not really! Although, mum will always get out the goose fat to roast the potatoes in on Christmas day!

Tell me how Christmas goes home in your home
I wake up super early, but we end up having to wait until 10ish because my brothers are crazy and seem to have no excitement in them. We then all get a cup of tea and cook mums homemade sausage rolls for breakfast and crack on opening the Sack presents from Santa Clause! We then chill for a little while and go round my Nan and Step-grandads to say hello. Then we go back home, the big dinner is cooked and both my grandparents come round and eat! We'll then either open the tree presents after that or the next day once all the men are sobered up! Although this year we're doing this on Boxing day because my mum and brother are working on Christmas day! Boooooo! :(

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
We always have homemade sausage rolls for breakfast on Christmas day!

Do you have a favourite festive coffee?
I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love Costa's honeycomb hot chocolate!

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?
Urgh, please don't make me choose!! I love all of them!!!

What do you do on Christmas eve?
We used to go to church however we've kind of moved away from that in the past few years, I just tend to watch Christmas movies now!!

What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Do you have one?
Stick the paper and the present together using sellotape before wrapping to get a really tight wrap. If all else fails get mum on the case!

What's your dream gift this year?
Waking up to find The Wanted under my tree wouldn't be too bad.

Describe your Christmas tree. How tall? Real or artifical? How is it decorated?
Fairly tall, artificial and decorated with lights and lots of little decorations we've collected over the years, so every one is special!

Do you decorate just the Christmas tree or other areas of your house e.g. windows, banisters?
We decorate the whole front room with a banner, candles, ornaments and more! We also have a Christmas table cloth and tend to put up some dangly lights and a flashing 'Merry Christmas' sign!

What do you wear to Christmas parties and what do you wear on Christmas day?
Is it bad that I don't think I've ever been to a Christmas party?! On Christmas day it has to be PJ's at first, then obviously something you've just opened for the rest of the day!

I hope all my lovely readers have a brilliant Christmas, I'll see you in a few days! Merry Christmas! Love,

There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do

Friday, 20 December 2013


I am so in love with this top I recently got from Oasap. I know this style was floating around a few months back but I was too scared to get one incase it didn't look nice, I am totally regretting that now! I can tell I'm going to be living in this for a while now. It's such a feminine top and a pretty colour! I'm finally getting a bit more colour in my wardrobe which is great too.

How long will I love you

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


It's December which means Christmas and New Year parties - the perfect opportunity to splurge on a glam dress and do your dramatic make-up. I wasn't too sure on this dress at first with the low cut front, it would either be a little too revealing for my age or just not help my already pretty-sparse chest, although I am very happy with how it looks on! The detailing on the shoulder is so pretty and it's the perfect length too. I went for the 'scraped back and classy' hair style although I probably should have straightened it and I went a bit OTT with the make-up too - winged eyeliner and berry lips.

Beauty lovers Christmas gift guide

Monday, 16 December 2013

Maybe a bit late, but I couldn't resist doing an ideal Christmas list for any beauty blogger out there. I went for a mix of both make-up and body/skincare. I am loving this set of Benefit's best - it's so useful for people like myself, wanting some higher end make-up but not knowing what's worth the money. It's great having lots of small samples and working out what full size products you want! I've seen everyone craze about the smashbox primer so I chucked that in, and, of course, the Naked 3 palette HAS to be in there. HEAVEN! For the body/skincare side of it, I decided on Origins - everyone loves a bit of Origins and I've heard lots of good things about the Ginger range! A slightly more affordable option would be the Soap and Glory bath set - who doesn't love a nice pampering bath?! Finally, good ol' Lizzy Arden, a set of different skincare products perfect for any beauty lover.

Instagram Update #13

Sunday, 15 December 2013

 thank god sixth form has a costa // fave read // yankee candle
 wearing my mike hough tee // christmas cups // shameless selfie
 lush bath bomb // my calender is haaawwt // that siva is a special one - he tweeteed me!
it's december, it's practically christmas, i shouldn't be revising // ootd // successful shopping trip with alice

Not had the best couple of weeks, with having mocks and being told I had a job when I actually didn't, but I'm determined to end December and 2013 on a high! I'm looking forward to just dropping everything and enjoying the next two weeks. We have a week of sixth form left but thankfully most of it will consist of Christmas quizzes, and I also have a night out bowling with my football team and my grandparents are taking me to a Christmas show too! What are you doing for your last couple of weeks of 2013?!

Let me go

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


An outfit consisting of only the cheapest highstreet brand and one of the most expensive! I really love this outfit and I don't quite know why - I love the oversized coat, and I think the blue top brings some colour to the look. These photos are from the many I took a while ago, I no longer have the collage wall and my hair is now a lot shorter (boo!) but also a lot healthier! It's surprising how much a haircut can do - I'm pratically knot free now!

Under £10 stocking fillers for her

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Those little gifts are sometimes the nicest ones and it's amazing what you can find for under a tenner!! I think all of these gifts are 'safe' options, as long as the person you're buying for is relatively girly and intrested in fashion and beauty. I love the glam nail wraps and sparkly earphones, and along with the nail varnishes and make-up bag they're the perfect girly girl presents. 

Wholesome Bling fabric watch

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I've really got into wearing watches since starting Sixth Form, I tend to avoid looking at my phone for the time while in lessons so I don't get distracted by the ever so distracting twitter. I'm pretty sure my heart breaks a tiny bit every time I realise I've forgotten to put my watch on.

Recently I was contacted by Wholesome Bling introducing me to their Fabric watches. They aim to provide "affordable bling (a state of mind rather than accessories) to fashion-conscious people, who truly appreciate a cup of tea with their nan" and boy oh boy do they do that. I jumped onto the website to pick out what watch I wanted to try out and I decided for the simple monochrome skulls one. They have eight different designs, each come in the small or large face, mine being the larger face. Every strap is hand stitched and prices range from £22-24. 

I received the watch carefully packaged a few days later and literally 'awed' out loud when I opened it. It was wrapped ever so cutely in some tissue paper and a little ribbon. It was so pretty I had to photograph it before hand, and made my brother take some snaps on it seeing as I couldn't get up thanks to a doggie snuggled up asleep on me, it's a well known fact you can't disturb sleeping animals, even for a blog post! Every watch comes in an even cuter jam jar which I love and am currently trying to figure out what I can use it for! Onto the watch.. it's so gorgeous, the face is big and clear, easy enough to read despite it being numberless! The gold makes it very glam and the silk fabric print makes it so unique. With christmas coming up, I really think this would be the perfect gift! Even better, to celebrate the launch of it's new website, Wholesome Bling is offering 10% off until 20th December, just use the code 'New10%off' at the checkout!

Under £10 stocking fillers for him

Monday, 2 December 2013

Stocking fillers for men are just as hard as proper presents for them! I find the humour gifts to be one of the easiest because every man is up for a laugh. Being a woman, I had to put in some kind of beauty in the list so I decided for the Nip + Man moisturiser as I use a few of the female products in this line. My brothers been after a little wallet to take on nights out so this cheap one is perfect because let's face it, it's probably going to end up getting lost anyway! Typical Lucy, choosing the paisley pattern too! I was super impressed with this Sound Egg speaker, my brothers are always listening to music when they get ready so a speaker seemed ideal and at such a small price too, it's perfect!

Winter warmers

Friday, 29 November 2013

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I'm not going to lie, I really hate winter. The rain, the dark mornings and evenings, I just can't stand it! The only positive things about winter is Christmas and Costa's Honeycomb Hot Chocolates. Although, cold does mean jumpers and this year I have gone pretty overboard with knitwear. I've been leaping out of my safety zone of creams and burgandy's and tried to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe. I'm especially loving textures this season, particularly the angora/super fluffy jumpers! I love the cropped style of the pink topshop jumper, I think it's so classy and looks gorgeous with a skater skirt - and it really reminds me of Made In Chelsea for some reason?!

Mens Christmas gift guide

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Men. Possibly the hardest people to buy for, and with having two older brothers I always dread buying them presents. Thankfully my mum has had years of practice with male gifting and is always there to give me a little help. I've had a search on the internet for what I like to think of, great presents for any man. I tried my best!

I tried to go for a little bit of everything for every kind of man - theres the 'Acadie' for the gamer guy - you plug in your iPad/iPhone and play certain apps using the old school joy stick, there's the Ted Baker wash bag for those who like to take care of themselves, and the cufflinks for the businessman. I adore the jumper, coooor, I do love a man in a jumper!! Finally the aftershave and boxers, my brothers seem to ALWAYS get at least one pair of Calvin Kleins, and why not get a pretty pink pair?!

I hope this helps you even the slightest, even after this I am still dreading getting presents for my dad and brothers..

Instagram update #12

Sunday, 24 November 2013

watching monsters inc // not helping with my homework!! // pretty sky
taking all of this down today // union j album // train trip home from london
#tbt // so proud of these boys, 3 years and i finally have their album // teen awards
feel like a princess, my phone is pink and sparkly // scotty t from geordie shore!! // #ootn

Everybody knows

Monday, 18 November 2013


I feel as though I open every post with an apology nowadays!! This was the first time I took some outfit photos since I took down all the photos/posters on my walls and had them repainted, turns out they were making my photos focus on my face, so now when I take pictures I have a blurry face.. great!! I'm hoping to get a remote for Christmas so hopefully all will be resolved soon.

This is what I wore for a birthday meal on Saturday, I'm feeling super fat at the moment as I had two birthday meals two nights in a row and had chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert for both! I also managed to somehow bump into Scotty T from Geordie Shore on Friday and got pictures with him which was pretty awesome, I've been watching the show for years. Aswell as that, I finally got round to buying The Hunger Games:Catching Fire tickets for IMAX on Saturday! Unfortunately I missed out on going with all my girl friends but instead I'm going with my mum. I'm SO excited!! Are any of you THG fans?!

You still amaze me

Thursday, 7 November 2013


*Bad blogger alert!!* A whole week and a day since i last blogged.. oh dear! These photos are from a few weeks back - my walls are officially bare and painted plain white ready for a mirror to appear on them soon. I have mock exams in December as well as my Biology coursework deadline in three weeks so it looks like I'll be going back into the dark place of revision, work, and more revision, oh how I've missed it.. NOT! On the up side it's November which totally makes it acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies right?.... Right?!

Stargazer Make up

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Last week I recieved a cute little package in the post full of Star Gazer goodies. Originally, I'd only ever heard of the brands nail polishes so I was excited to recieve some different products. I recieved two eyeshadows, a blusher, a lip gloss and a nail polish. Apologies for the awful out of focus photos, I was in a rush as daylight was running out as well as my battery and I only realised as I ulpoaded these to my laptop! Also, the photo's definitely don't do justice for the eyeshadows and blusher especially.

First up, the eyeshadows. I'm a big neutral-eye wearer so was a bit put off by Plush Purple at first. It's an electric lilac with shimmer in it. Although it scared me at first, I was amazed by the pigmentation of this colour and can imagine it looking beautiful on a green eye.

The second colour is Champagne and is a gorgeous subtle shimmer. It appears more brown in the pan however transfers onto the skin as a slightly more white shine. The pigmentation isn't quite as strong as Plush Purple, but I can see it as being the perfect inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Next is the blusher and in shade Blusher 5, it was the product I was most looking forward to. The colour is a beautiful peachy-coral which is my favourite kind of blusher to wear,. It's a subtle but gorgeous colour, with again great pigmentation as well as a bit of shimmer to give off a healthy looking glow.

I'm not a massive lip gloss wearere but after seeing TOWIE come back onto my TV screen I've decided I need to make more effort - do those girls ever not have any gloss on?! The lip gloss is in shade Natural and comes in a perfect handbag size tube. In the tube it looks like it has more of a pinky colour to it despite the Natural shade, however when on the lips it is super natural giving a gloss and sheer colour. I'm definitely going to be using this more often!

Finally was the nail varnish. The shade is Nail Polish 106, a shiny purple colour in the pot, but as you can see it is a much more pinky colour on the nails. The picture shows my nails with 3 coats of the colour. I'd say 2 was more that enough - I just seem to always pack on lots of layers regardless of the opaque-ness! I adore this shade, however it did chip after two days but that was probably no fault but my own as I didn't put a top coat on!!

I've 18 candles left to burn

Saturday, 26 October 2013


This is what I wore to see Nina Nesbitt a few weeks back - hence the Nina lyrics as the blog posts title! I always find disco pants are a safe option for concerts - they're not as hot as jeans and there's no chance of flashing your knickers, although you still look like you've made an effort! These ones are deffo a size too small though!!

Good news, I'm officially getting my room painted on Monday which means I'll be saying goodbye to my lyric/picture wall and my other wall full of holes in it due to my good old fangirl days of filling every square inch with a poster of The Wanted (trust me, if it was acceptable I totally would still do that) ((I also may  or may not still have my wardrobe completely covered in magazine cut outs of them)) (((I definitely do))). I'm thinking of taking some photo's of my room now and after the paint job and doing a big room tour sometime soon? I've seen a few people asking for make-up storage posts etc, and it would be nice to do something different for a change!!

Remember that night under the stars

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I've been wanting to show this dress for a while now. It's such a little gem from Primark. I love the pattern, colours, and of course the price tag!! I was so tempted to buy a few other designs as they have loads in right now but I just find it a bit restricting when moving your arms about because of the material, and I never seem to wear dresses in the winter, tights are far too much effort!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on THIS post about my hair, sorry to disappoint but it's hasn't been cut at all, I just had it in a high ponytail!! Although I am deffo thinking of having it cut short, although that's a bit daring to me. Chances are I'd do it and it'd look awful, my hair isn't thick enough to look good with any cut! What do you think?

Instagram Update #11

Sunday, 20 October 2013

make up madness // the sky was super pretty tonight // ready for a night with the girls
rings // the best kind of mornings // selfie 
tbt to prom // FINALLY have the Naked Basics pallete, happy girly // damage has been done
meal with my fave girls, going to miss nickey // fab night at nina nesbitt // woken up to this little cutie